Spayyzee – Work For It


Spayyzee, born Michael Plotkin, is a twenty year old who has been working at his musical craft since the age of fifteen and has progressed far beyond where similar performers typically find themselves at such an age. His latest single “Work For It” finds him exuding confidence and intelligence in equal measure and finding a sympathetic collaborator in the vocal talents of his contemporary DC Steez. This is a substantial step beyond his fine previous single “Distance Myself” and, taken in tandem with that track, bodes well for the overall quality of his upcoming album. His work with the group Philosogy/SSP resulted in many live performances and served as a finishing school, of sorts, for firming up his talents for a run at the adult brass ring. Success is sure to come in greater and greater portions because a mix of talent and discipline win out. This single, “Work for It”, alludes to that. It has a distinctly adult point of view and comes from a place of reality that few tracks in this genre typically share.

The wisdom in the lyrics is hard to argue with. There’s a certain amount of bitterness in its attitude that the world is an unforgiving place, but it also has a certain kind of hope as well – if you are willing to cut away the dross from your life and keep your nose to the proverbial grindstone, anything is possible. The world is going to put things in your way, but Spayyzee and DC Steez sound like they are ready to crash through any barrier. They accomplish this with a tremendous amount of style and never lapse into self-righteousness or overbearing theatrics. Instead, there’s tremendous honesty and technique alike in what they do. They likewise show off the cuff confidence throughout the track’s entirety that never beats its chest but, rather, seems quite live and natural. Spayyzee and Steez are a natural fit for one another and never have to strain to make an impact. Instead, everything seems to come quite effortlessly in this song and it makes for an entertaining and illuminating ride from the first notes onward.

The musical arrangement is a clear blend of percussion and electronica sounds. The keyboards never exert too much of a hold over the song or its final results, but the percussion is key to giving the rappers a strong rhythmic base to work from. Running over four minutes in length, but not by much, might seem to some a bit excessive for music of this style. Spayyzee and Steez, however, never seem like they are biting off more than they can chew. Instead, they pull off every second of this track with focus and a commitment to their work. “Work for It” is one of the best hip hop singles of 2017 and has enough broad-based appeal to extend its reach far past the boundaries of its genre.


Charles Hatton