Ashley J – Trapped


Pop songwriter/singer Ashley J launches a new chapter in her emergence as contemporary pop artist with a brand new single, “Trapped.” The inescapable and smoky single made an independent release on all digital and streaming platforms on May 19, 2017 via Ashley J’s production imprint, Bombshell Music, Inc.

There is nothing odd about this working couple’s chemistry on this single, except for the fact that I didn’t know who Ashley J was until now, but she’s not in the worst company with a producer like NMW. And if you look into her, she’s been going for some time and doesn’t appear to have anything but a great future in sight. With the last two releases under her belt, she now has “Trapped” to help carve out her destiny. It’s a spicy tune with a lot going for it, and that is expertly mixed with precision the only way he knows how. Who wouldn’t be proud, even though she wrote this song herself which cuts it either way.

Ashley sounds like right off the radio in the 80s when pop and dance music went hand in hand, and everything was all good like it still should be. That is not to say we don’t have a lot of good female pop singers, there are plenty. But that just makes it harder to stand out like this does, with or without top shelf production. But she also sounds everything that of today’s pop singers. After all, she has a wide range of influences from Christina Aguilera to country singers like Dolly Parton. But you’ll hear none of that on “Trapped” as she comes into her own and leaves the past behind on this well-crafted song.

The beat goes from subtle to crashing as the music begins and gets her to build up into the infectious chorus that swirls around with an endless hook. Her voice pushes the track but the beat drives it and the two work like magic. This is an effort to go new places as she steps it up on this, but I had to go back to know that. And that is why picking up all of her music, comes recommended. She’s going to have more and more fans if she stays on this course. More is more, as some say, while others are of the lesser variety in music, but pop holds the least grudges for its own sake. Might as well have it all, as that is what she has been delivering, and this is a solid step in an even better direction.

It takes her foundations further than on “Dare Ya” and should bring her fan base to another level as well. But the fact is she has over 100 songs written and does plan on releasing an EP next, so it’s really another beginning for Ashley. A beginning that stands apart but doesn’t erase what she has already accomplished. If being “Trapped” sounds bad, she makes it look and sound fantastic without losing the meaning of the word. That’s not easy, but it looks like she is up to any task the industry can toss at her, and this is a long bomb indeed. You won’t mind being “Trapped” into the beat on this cool new single.


Kevin Webber