Blister – No Good Deeds


Blister if you have not heard of this band before then now is the time you have which is the perfect time. In fact here is a little insight into who Blister is all about. Back in the day dating back to 1996 the band got together wanting to do what any other artist or band wanted to do, make music and see where it would take them. Which is why we are here right here, right now because Blister released an album called “No Good Deeds”.
An album with so many tracks it is hard to track down just one or two to enjoy. Why because all of the tracks off this album are just that good. Going back to the band Blister though, they like many other artists or bands upon the music scene and it’s industry front have been through a lot. So much in fact, that these guys lost one of their band members to an illness. But lucky for them they were able to play shows, as well as write and record the material all needed and released on this album. While their band mate had passed before getting to hear the final product, the remaining band mates went on to release this album. It ends up being quite the release they thought it would be.

A runtime of almost 60 minutes is quite the joy ride of material to listen though. As said just being able to pick a few tracks is quite a task to do. So from here on we will just discuss this album and how it sounds as a whole, if you don’t mind that, that is. Hopefully you don’t mind because here we go. The band and album preserves the essence that is truly rock n’ roll, with punk rock flare of garage rock band essence. There is even some metal thrown in with the vocal chords doing some screaming aspects at times, making it sound just right with the other genres in effect.
That said, this album rounds off to being nothing but a solid piece of effort. It is a well rounded source wave of material that consists of the genres mentioned. You get so much energy off this album, it is hard not to want to hear it time and time again. Even its runtime is not enough time to hear it. It is like an album that does not want to end. It becomes one of those albums that just keeps going and going and going, pretty much. Which is not a bad thing, no not at all, more of a good thing. Listening to this album myself quite a few times for this review, each time through had me smiling ear to ear with excitement.

So you see that is what “No Good Deeds”, does to the listener. It gives off a good vibrations type of sense, with such energy flow, that the music takes hold of you in an instant. Blister as a whole, may not be an act you may have heard of before. But now that you have, given a listen to their album, may have you smiling ear to ear as well.


Sean Christiansen