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Born in Kaduna, Nigeria to parents of Abia State origin, Buchi’s early education began in Enugu and took him through Methodist College, Uzuakoli and Federal Government College, Enugu. In 1983, he came to Lagos to study English Language and Literary Studies at the University of Lagos, obtained a BA in 1986, MA in 1988 and later same year took up an appointment to lecture at the same institution alongside a PhD program. Buchi remained at the Department of English until 1994 when he yielded to the higher calling to propagate the gospel of Jesus through writing and singing same in the reggae genre.

Reggae takes on many other forms to it without diluting it one bit. It’s one of those genre’s that bode well with all the rest, as either a hardcore foundation or just a musical flavor. But no matter where you place it, the work seems to do itself. And in Christian rock with Buchi, it seems to have not a hair out of place. And they put it into one set of the most familiar material of his six CD’s to date. From “These Days” it features six of the seven tracks, so, you know he’s fond of his first release that way. Opening the disc with “Jesus Must Be Honored” is like putting it back where it belongs.

And that standard is applied everyone on it. With “What A Mighty God” and “Born Again’ being stand outs, but they’re actually all stand out tracks from the Buchi catalog, carefully selected or would not be included. And tracks from 2002’s “So Beautiful” include the title track, “Strength” and a couple of versions of “It Is Well.” But much is left off of that one and others from the “What A Life” CD released in 2005, which only include the great “Mma Mma” the title track itself. Both are a must find on this, among the rest. But of those two releases it doesn’t cull a lot from, but does manage the best selections from the two. And if your mileage doesn’t vary, you’ll find no low points.

There are more tracks from “Sound Of Life” that was released in 2008, such as “Three In one” “Smell The Praise” and once again the title track. These all deserve inclusion when you go back through the previous Buchi albums and get so much more to choose from on top of these choices for what is a good way to combine the catalog. And it gives good insight to the rest of what there is to offer from him. With “Three In One” coming out my favorite from that title. But you don’t have to break it down in chronological form to understand the wood word, it’s just more to do with music following in general, as there is a theme of spiritual content not to be veered from. Just know that it can apply to anyone listening, and not just those with a spiritual connection. However, it is there for those who wish or do not.

Buchi has other albums and will likely do more, and as they accumulate it shouldn’t be long before another compilation comes along, if it isn’t already in the making. You never know what artists have going on behind the scenes, and Buchi is no exception to that rule. It’s not every day you get gospel and Christian music combined so well with reggae and other genres and get to hear it make the market for long. Buchi has it down to a science, or so it seems. And that is also another thing about music that comes out on the songs, which the listener always marvels in wonder at. Buchi will keep that light on for you.


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Kevin Webber