Forever in Your Mind – Smooth single


Forever In Your Mind keep returning with great singles. The prolonged void of a true Boy Band with not only the aesthetic qualities but true musical talent that has long been absent since the demise of One Direction (and furthermore the true 90’s boom of NYSYNC, 98 Degrees, the Backstreet Boys etc.), many have stepped up to the plate but failed to deliver the perfect combination. That certainly changed when Liam Attridge, Ricky Garcia and Emery Kelly. “Smooth” and “Missing” are the new tracks for an a-side only single produced by Dustin Atlas, Eau Noir and Josh Gudwin(of the usual suspects in the industry). All of Forever In Your Mind’s songs are good, there is no question about it. And with “Smooth” and “Missing” they don’t skip a beat on the latter to the top of the Boy Band scene. They’ve been going around with these cool cuts for a while and they just keep getting better. If that’s not enough they’re involved in acting with the Disney Channel and other activities that might even hold them back from being even a bigger band to reckon with than they have time for. You can only move so fast in this day-and age, and although they’re young, nobody’s invincible. But they come close and lave no battle scars.

With “Smooth” leading the two tracks into the millennium, it seems to have the three boys in full cry with a killer track to entice their fans. It comes with a video and that is just another way to also wee how well they can act, or at least get a glimpse. Their hair is perfect too, and their clothes tight, so the visuals help in every way they can. The track cuts a nice guitar riff with a bluesy wail throughout, so their voices proceed to shine around the melodic backdrop. They sound twice as-wise as they are young, and it’s a mature delivery to anyone. “Smooth” is electrifying and hypnotic, with more groove than most ever find.

Let’s not forget, this is a band with a combined reach of over two million on social networks and nearly thirty million video views. That’s not to say everyone knows who they are, but it’s very impressive numbers to be working with and it amounts to some popularity some can only dream of these days. It’s pretty-remarkable and it takes a quality act to do it. But without great songs there is no getting off the ground, and that is obviously not where Forever In Your Mind are standing. They’ve crossed some barriers already and will continue to cross more. They aren’t up against that much at this point. “Missing” is so infectious you can’t get it out of your head within one listen. And that sort of follows their band name, as they’re about getting in your mind and staying there. It’s something they’re able to do with their hands tied behind their back so far, and this track brings the pace up to get them out of the slower speed of “Smooth.” It’s not that it’s a better song, it just gives you more from Forever In Your Mind than the former might suggest, especially if you haven’t heard them before you get wind if these great numbers. I’ll be listening to their next release.


Todd Bauer