Jupiter In Velvet – In2 the Arms of Love

Jupiter In Velvet – In2 the Arms of Love

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Jupiter In Velvet has got something to say, as any artist or band it is something that is true to themselves and what can be found within their musical content. That said, this band has got a new perspective with a unique music style that is shown through their song writing and music skills. Again just like any other act, except this band has got it going on. So much so since their formation back in 2012, releasing a handful of material since, including most recent and newest to them an album called “In2 the Arms of Love”.

A 10-track album that takes the genre of music to a whole new level with one this band calls as electro dance rock straight out the U.K. So you can expect the likes of The Clash meets The Beatles, meets other such acts in the buzz like Wolfmother, Muse or Royal Blood. These acts just being in the know and now no matter where they are from they are getting discussed here and there so the same goes for Jupiter In Velvet too.
This album of theirs for one, is quite the set up, they have got such a number of tracks to pick and choose from with this release, it is rather hard to resist which is the best or worst is there is any. As for the selection picking’s that would have to boil down to such as “Bang On”, “I’m So Ready”, “Supercharged”, “Mars Ain’t That Far”, “Nowhere 2 Run”, and lastly probably “How It’s Gonna Be”. These number of pickings being rather interesting. How so you ask, well each one brings out that classic rock n’ roll energy, with such upbeat vocal chords, that the added essence of the instrumentals just makes the music more outgoing and pops out more so than it needs too.
That is what Jupiter In Velvet does you see. They have created a source of material in the form of music, and the lyrical context as well, that just pops out in certain ways. The music is able to speak with the listener in question. So much so that some of these songs off this album, really turn out to be quite relatable in some shape or form for the person listening in. Which is great and what any artist or band wants from their music right. Right in fact, it just works really well for these guys that their music becomes more effective with each listen.
“In2 the Arms of Love”, is an album of sorts. How sorted is it, well it is just sorted in a way, that makes it all work out for itself. Like the lyrics layer the music, while the vocal chords go right in tune with the music, that it just brings this rotating effect that has the music round off, to sound off like it should. Like their style choice is all here. You get the genre that they wanted to do and it can all be heard on this album, an experimentation if you will.

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Heather Savage