Omid Master – Only You


Australia the place known for a variety of things, ranging from people, places, animals, to who knows what else. But what can be said about what else is the music variety. Australians Airbounre come from down under but they take the style of hard rock for the next generation take AC/DC for the here and now of the modern age of music. But this is not about them which it should be but it is not and that is okay. No this is about another Australian type of musical act a solo artist of the male kind called Omid Master with his latest release called “Only You”.

This singer songwriter of sorts started his solo career back in 2001, so for the past 10 to 15 years of his time, he has spent writing and recording material releasing it left and right, while also playing shows as well of course. But enough about his back story this is the EP “Only You”, because “Only You” can understand it. The EP consists of only 2-tracks one being “Only You”, of course, and the other is called “When I Close My Eyes”. “Only You”, kicks off this release with a rather similar style to other solo artists with everyday human names like John Mayor, or even such bands like Coldplay or perhaps even some twenty one pilots. Maybe not so much them because they tend to use the electronics within their rock style. Whereas Omid Master uses more of the pop, rock, adult contemporary style sounding more like the others mentioned, like John Mayor and Coldplay, with their sense of laid back, easy listening type of music, is what Omid Master is doing with his source of music creativity.
“When I Close My Eyes”, on the other hand sounds more or less like a song you could hear played upon the car radio or online radio. It is one of those tracks that is easy listening based with a more toned down effect that still sounds enlightening and catchy. In fact, here is something more interesting about this particular song, it is said that Omid Maser has described this song as he himself has a free sense of reality within wherever he may be and he zones into it from time to time anywhere he may be at it, whether that be at home, at work, or on a small or big stage at a concert setting. Once he lets himself into this realm of reality he calls his own in this very song that is “When I Close My Eyes”, all of his emotions flow right through and outward to all who can take in that creative mindset.

If that is not enough for you. Then Omid Master may not be the solo artist for you. Which is just fine and dandy because not everyone will partake in enjoying his music because it is not for everyone. But to those who do have a open mind set, then feel free to let this master invade it, with such a creative force, it engulfs you whole.


Mindy McCall