The Spiders – Another Mile

The Spiders – Another Mile


The Spiders have got the charts with their previous last single “Election Day” but will the charts see them top the last time with this time with their latest track “Another Mile”? Perhaps so or perhaps not it all depends on just how well this new song turned single with video turns out in the long run.

“Another Mile”, could be like their previous single that got radio work as well as an assortment of rotation going for it. In this case though this new song that is “Another Mile”, it is a one hit of a wonder of a classic track that could push the band to their limits with popularity. If that was not enough it seems as if the band already has quite the popularity of sorts going for them. As said before their last song did well for them so this new track could take that song and out it to shame.

This track for one thing, has this upbeat tone running through it, with catchiness glory. It becomes a track you just have a lot of fun with. You can dance to it, bob your head to it, just singing to the lyrics right off the bat, it gives off that sense to it. It makes the music working overtime if that makes sense at all. It like drives the music away from the country rock feel it gives off. It maintains a source of energy and type of beat, that keeps the music hard hitting with total emotions built right in.

Like the band themselves have said that this song is about achieving your goals. They themselves have done just that with this song alone. Plus on top of that even, them being musicians is yet another goal right there. So the goals just keep on coming from the likes of The Spiders as it were. That is saying something or other is it not. The Spiders is a band you may not like the name of but their music is a keepsake to the ears.
If you were curious at all, the band is lead by guitarist and vocalist Nick DeStefano, whose performed all over the U.S. even appearing on MTV as in the TV channel, if you still are a TV watcher that is if not then maybe you have not seen him in his previous bands. But of course that was then and this is now and The Spiders is his thing and it is going really well for him. Does not hurt to get some history insight out and about if you know what I mean.

Any way though The Spiders with their current track that is “Another Mile”, has got one man behind it who has been places with other musicians, but while he makes The Spiders his home place, with this song, there is no telling as to where this band and its track will likely go. Maybe it will cross the charts as the previous song had done or perhaps it won’t do anything at all. Only the time will tell for certain if at all.


Mindy McCall