Swaylex – Scrale

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Emanuel Williams, otherwise known as Swaylex, is steadily building a following thanks to his recent spate of YouTube uploads. His instrumental tracks are his product alone – Swaylex plays every instrument in each of his three compositions and dispatches the parts in an equally entertaining and musically compelling fashion. He shows a sure sense on the track “Scrale” for just what the song needs and never overextends himself. His primary focus and the center of his talent seems concentrate on the guitar work, but the additional parts in “Scrale” aren’t some sort of afterthought. Everything comes together quite seamlessly on this track and only the judgmental would ever suppose the YouTube sound quality undermines the song’s quality. It does not. Swaylex’s artistic and musical intentions come through quite clearly and it is equally apparent that the young musician is a major talent blooming before our eyes and ears alike.

Unlike the first of his uploads, “No Rules”, this track is much more of a straight forward hard rock tune with wailing lead guitar, a powerful rhythm section attack, It shows his versatility he can move from the melodic strengths of the aforementioned song into something that depends much more on pure muscle. His talent for pulverizing listeners with riffs is every bit as strong, however, as his melodic skills but, unlike many other practitioners of the form, Swaylex never abandons his musicality. The drumming provides an excellent counterpoint for his guitar work and its habit of adding percussive flourishes in response to the guitar work creates an interesting dialogue that takes this performance to a higher level. Much like “No Rules”, Swaylex keeps his performance brief and the brevity serves the song well. Listeners will never feel cheated.

The trio of songs uploaded to YouTube has a consistent sound quality, but the drums and bass in this song are buried a little deeper in the mix than what they should be and it creates an imbalance that doesn’t affect other tracks like “No Rules”. It’s a shame, but not a fatal flaw. Instead, his audience will overlook these minor drawbacks thanks to the ear-catching power of his six string playing. The song kicks off with that distinctive fretwork and never becomes slack along the way. Instead, Swaylex has a real talent for keeping his audience’s attention and it’s a gift that might seem simple to acquire, but it’s far from the case. “Scrale” gives us a chance to hear this great young musician tackling material that will strike all the right notes for rock fans while retaining a distinctive edge that never sounds imitative or hollow. His talents as a songwriter and player are far from their infancy; instead, he comes across as a complete performer in every respect and there isn’t a single discernible lull in this performance.

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Jason Hillenburg