Never learning music through any traditional training, Donquièstar still found his way to it as a young child. From there the love for sound grew well into adulthood when he went on to release his debut in 2009. Several years later as electronic continued to grow in popularity, he was still riding high on his latest release Half Heroic Zero Point. Donquièstar, from Brussels, Belgium, is an underground electronic artist with years of experience under his belt, and a new album on the books. This release takes his music full-circle and rounds out a string of releases to date, and it’s an upper slice of Techno crust with a lot of tasty filling.

But if you’re not reaching for techno-thrash or any form of electronica for that matter, then you might never hear this album. But I have to point out that I don’t listen to a lot myself but still find this to be a killer album full of out of this world tracks. Will it turn me onto more of the same, assuming it’s out there. Well, yes and no. It’s not the best electronic music the world has ever heard, but it’s not bad whether you like it or not. Good quality comes first and it is mixed and mastered very well. You have just got to be qualified to know when something like this is genuine and when it’s not. They stand up with some I’ve heard including Daft Punk and Kraftwerk, and it never disgraces their sacred old school traditions, but somehow puts a modern spin on it that renders it relevant. You have to know a little bit about this music and the scene to even know where they’re coming from and why they do it. Then you’ll find Donquièstar to be a king of the craft. Opening with “A Day Away The Night Okay’ might even confuse that more, but it’s rectified if you keep listening and grooving to these monster pieces. It’s a real good opener though, even though it gets buried by most of the power of the rest of it.

“Cold Carnaval Gotic XI” carries a title one could only imagine what is about, and just as much imatination throughout the track to go with it. This is epic stuff and then some, and even flies above heads at the end of the day. But even what can’t be appreciated is always followed by something that can. “Mystomaniac” does the business for all it’s worth, and so does the following track “TT Success” which rates up there with the better of the 12 booming tracks. It has just the right amount, of beats mixed with all these other tracked instrumental effects. This is a piece that holds its own with every note on the disc.

They even get back to some more high-end grooves on the familiar sounds of “Jammin’ Endrocrysos” which fights for high position on the album. It’s just bigger sounding than most anything on it. But such tracks are what win you over because of that, at least from where I’m standing. It’s indeed contagious, if anything on here is. And it closes with another big jam on the slithering “Silverchills” with one of the best titles to be found. This takes everything out with pure class. So, if that’s what Donquièstar was trying to do, I can see that no targets were missed on Half Heroic Zero Point, making it another finished grand product.


Mike Tabor