Impuritees – Nothing Matters (EP)


Vancouver musician Impuritees (real name Duncan Lee) released his first EP, Nothing Matters, last Friday. It is full of old-fashioned nihilism, as the title would suggest. However, each track is upbeat and rather than wanting to cry into your pillow, you find yourself swaying to the rhythm. The EP as whole reminds one of what you’d find from Weezer or Tame Impala (who happens to be one of Lee’s inspirations- it absolutely shows). Smooth but at times a little boring, Nothing Matters is a strong breakout release for the artist.

The titular track “Nothing Matters” starts out strong, guitar riffs demanding that you pay attention. It sounds like it’s going to come at you and stay there, and then the rest of the song happens. The rhythm is nice but it definitely lacks the punch that you found yourself waiting for. Lee’s voice, while great to listen to, almost sounds out of place with the rest of the music. His is a sound that feels like it should be on a Coconut Records album instead of something a little too heavy on the guitar. The lyrics are about as happy as a bouncy house deflating with the kids still in it.

“Acceptance” sounds like something you’d hear on the soundtrack of an indie movie about quirky teens finding themselves. Surprisingly, that works for the track. It gives you the sense of nostalgia, causing little pangs in your heart for a situation that you’ve never even been in. The rhythm is great, and it has this amazing moment in the first verse where it seemingly slows down. It’s a track you could listen to when tired, as it would lull you to sleep without requiring you to succumb to boredom.

Starting off slow, “Speak to Me” quickly goes into something that sounds like what would happen if you merged Weezer with Arcade Fire. The song has a few moments where learning that Lee was once in a Beatles cover band is the least surprising thing you could hear. The sense of nostalgia is still strong with this song. You’ll find yourself itching to go on a road trip that has the potential to change your life, or something like that.

“Easy Way” is a chill song- its one you could add to a focus playlist without the risk of getting distracted. Lee fiddles around with his sound yet again and produces a wonderful track. Nostalgia greets us again, and you’ll be sure to feel disappointment knowing that there isn’t anything after this track. It is my favorite song on the EP.

Overall, Nothing Matters is impressive. There were some stumbles here and there, but I’m sure many listeners would love everything Lee has to offer in his newest project. His experimentation with different sounds merges into a collection of refreshing tracks. It shows who he is and what you can expect from his music, as well as a glimpse into the future. And for Impuritees, it seems very bright.


Victoria Patterson