Joshua Lukas


London based singer/songwriter Joshua Lukas has been living in the UK since he was a child. He was born in Tehran to Armenian parents. He writes from the heart with a focus on meaningful lyrics and simple memorable melodies. He believes a song can inspire, motivate, reduce one to tears or just simply act as a forum of escapism. Now armed with everything he needs, this singer-songwriter has recently released his first EP entitled Beautiful Promises containing three songs; “Beautiful Promises,” “Just Because” and “Father Gone.” The title track also has a music video that was filmed in London, showing some of its iconic sites, such as Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral and London Eye. Joshua has been referred to as a “sincere artist” and that much is written all over the music of a three song EP debut that remains a fresh release for its time. The purpose is never defeated for one second on what are honestly a few serious tracks but don’t fall short of playfulness in the process. There is a true wisdom and positive message behind what he sings about, and he could go far with it, as long as he keeps telling it like it is. From the first cut to the last, this doesn’t come with any low points. It’s all high honors for him, his voice and the incredible music. Three world class numbers worth hearing.

“Beautiful Promises” is an epic effort to kick off the three, with a video that should be looked at, but it would be best to hear the track a few times beforehand. It centers around an anniversary in the video. This is great stuff and should be the lead off to what are essentially three singles. It is brooding but not haunting, with more of a warning message behind it. It’s about learning to be ourselves and to be free as we can be. The female background vocals give it a layer that perfectly matches his emotional voice. And by the time it’s over he’s saying goodbye with an awesome vocal post-fade to take it out. The rest of this EP is gravy.

With “Just Because” being the next song, but could swap with the last track all the same. It wouldn’t make any difference, because although they’re both great tracks, they properly follow the opening in any order you play them. You just can’t deny that once you hear the EP, but you also can’t deny this is another goody. It’s about second chances, and he picks up the pace on this one, but you get a lot of musical variety that the first song doesn’t explore. The track starts to go into a frantic speed before dramatically slowing up in the mid-section. And that is one of the best things you can say about what is another steady song.

“Father Gone” comes sailing in with an effortless, feather-soft texture that isn’t anything like the others on Beautiful Promises. It closes with a storytelling track that almost has an Irish feel to the guitar picking. The mid-section on this one is even better than on “Just Because” with an orchestrated piece of music that takes it over the top. It makes the final cut stand out a little higher but not as high as the opener which is worth the price of admission alone. But it’s worth noting that this is also an epic track that belongs on the same EP as the rest. And that’s a testament for any closing song to stand up to.


Elvin Graham