Roadbound – Stay


Roadbound released “Stay” in November of 2016, and it should be getting a lot of traction by now, available on iTunes and nowhere else. But this is a band who should be getting to market and be playing around the world. They have a fat sound and know how to use it, between intense bursts of passion to subtle chills of inspiration is what “Stay” has written all over it. There is a whole scene here in America that would love to see this band, and they have the perfect name for it. But you have to start somewhere, and this appears to be their debut. There isn’t any more of their music to be found on the web, so until they follow up this single, make sure to hear it before they come back around.

They sound like they’re headed for the road but you never know what a title fully insinuates, but it fits, as does their sound which longs for that. If promo clips help you can always stream this on the web as well, as I did a few times to get a look at the band. When I first saw them, I thought they were from the pacific northwest, but this band are from Belgium of all places to be sounding like this. It just goes to show things are the same all over in some ways, because music and fashion swim around in the same circles. And this track does hark back to that nineties world when rock was still important.

With “Stay” the sultry guitars of Nico Wilder and the wailing vocals of Nicholas Brynin both get most prominently featured. But they’re backed by a solid, pulsating rhythm section in that of their brothers in crime, Roman Quennery on bass and Cyril Wilfart on drums. All put in a fine studio performance on this single and leave one wanting to really hear them live. But if they’re not touring, they should be. They’re one of those bands you really want to see and not just hear. Looking at them on video is great but it’s still not enough, as it desperately entices it. But this longing must be met with the realities of the industry.

I’d be rolling over and kicking down for Roadbound if they were touring bound, but that’s just me. I only hope people think the same to the point where they get out there in the near future, and I’ll be they’re making plans or are already setting their wheels in mothing. It all comes out in the sound on ‘Stay” anyway. And as real as that feels just from what this song brings, then why not push for their next, as I’m doing and hope it gets back around to me by the time their next release makes the web, or better yet hits stores where it should be sold. As that is still the case for thousands of releases a week, while thousands of unsigned music never even gets released. “Stay” with Roadbound and hopefully they’ll stay around.


Kevin Webber