Straight out of Colorado bringing you an innovative now sound mixed with a lyrical assault that will have you listening to both the music and lyrics. SkoolboyBliss features Jason who is a director, actor, performer, humanitarian, hustler, artist, writer, philanthropist, dedicated to bringing realness and awareness back to the community. Edgy innovative lyrical artist painting pictures thru sound on Throne Motivation. This is a release that deals with the hard life of crime and death going on around him with relatives and friends. It takes you through the ups and downs of it all.

But other than that, all there is to go off is the music and some background research to tell that this is no rookie on the rap and hip hop scene. As a matter of fact, he’s a killer crooner and a jack of all trades, not some new boy on the block. But if you were to take him and Throne Motivation at face value, you’d still get the picture that he’s a cream of the crop talent and force to reckon with. It’s just important not to get crossed on the particulars. Most notably the explicit content. This is for the adults in the house, that’s for sure. And if you like it honest and that’s the language you speak, this will do the business.

“No Limits” gets the ball rolling with some spoken word from your sponsors and it’s off to the show with some incendiary rapping to establish the crown from jump street. This burns right through to “Rated R” which is exactly that. Rapping about what happens if you don’t pay the piper and do right by your own. And it’s all good and well from where the groove bottoms out and he gets deep into his spiel. If that isn’t enough the SkoolboyBliss keeps going with “No Turning Back” and Greystorm get into the situation for one of two appearances. And it is double trouble when they come together.

Answering back solo with “The Comeback” you can chill to some serious reality as well as kick it to the beat of this raw but slick track which is followed by what could arguably be the better of the two moments by Greystorm in “Lipstick on My Collar.” This is where it gets a little naughty, but nothing over the line or anything. There’s nothing offensive about SkoolboyBliss, regardless of any creative lingo. It goes to show you can have fun preaching the word without turning off the masses. A thread you’ll find from beginning to end if you get this whole CD. There’s more to be found on videos, so it isn’t all he’s done.

“My Way(feat. Christina Dahl)” is another point of sale among all these tracks, some containing these guests who really bring it to life. This isn’t like everything on Throne Motivation. It has a wider accessibility range if any of the tracks do. It might go the distance over and above everything but it’s too soon to tell only having heard it a few times. But if it doesn’t sustain its apparent wings, there is always the obviously good “Higher Place(feat. 4th Quarter Ent)” with yet another guest appearance. Or the closer, featuring Jewelz, which brings the house completely down. You’ll never know until you try some.


Elvin Graham