Big Paul E


A former member of Menace to Society and Smoove Villains, Big Paul E has been around the block when it comes to the hip hop scene. In ’95 he decided it was time for him to go solo and from then on out he’s been churning out rhymes including 2010’s SEEDS which will be re-released this coming year, and his current mixtape Kill the R.I.G.H.T. People. While his time spent as part of formative hip hop groups has given him the foundation to continue his career, it is the adversities that have shaped his willpower to succeed in life. He’s overcome every curve ball thrown his way. I wasn’t familiar with Big Paul E until I went back and looked him up after hearing his new mixtape. But it helped, so the songs got a good outing once I did that. It’s almost like stepping back into time, but not quite, as the songs are all over the place. But they’re also well-grounded and don’t get boring. This is just the right blend between old and new hip hop. Having been around the scene this long, it works on both levels. All the songs are fused together with perfection, some of it explicit, but not all of it is. And the title cut looks harder than it sounds, which fools in just the right way, once you listen.

“Bad Santa” leads it off with an explicit rap, but it’s only mildly explicit. This is essentially a show-jam with a lot of comedy going for it, and it’s a must start for the track list on this mixtape. It has the most accessible appeal to it, even though explicit, it’s what fans want. The rap deals with talking behind backs and rumors getting around. This is a good solid opener, but everything stays in alignment as the rest of the tracks go. It stands out well on its own though, and plays like a hit single. But what makes a hit these days is an elusive thing. This still has whatever that might be, completely going for it.

“Kill The R.I.G.H.T. People” is the second track, and it’s much more positive than it looks. It’s all about bringing people together, instead of dividing. It seems all the wrong people get the axe, and Big Paul E sets a lot that straight in his lyrics on this. Speaking out against all the “nonsense” in the world today, and leaving a positive message behind over it. He clearly wants the people to get it right and kill with kindness, not weapons. Anyone can relate to this, if they break it out and soak it up. Where all these tracks hold their own, this one comes off as the most important message between these tracks.

My favorite pick is the next track in the mix, with “Dig A Bigga Ditch” making the biggest impact for me. I kept it on loop more than the others, as I found it to be the catchiest tune, regardless of the lyrics. This is music after all, and it makes just as big points as the vocal work on display. But if I had to pick a close second it would be “Kleer” feat Erin. The beats on it are the most satisfying to be found among the tracks, and it’s also one of the grooviest moments on KTRP. There isn’t a reason I can find for hip hop lovers not to partake in what Big Paul E is up to lately.


Mike Tabor