Danny Gee-Goju

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A “wicked sense of humor” can come in many forms, and it’s no stranger to music. Danny Gee has one and more, but it’s not for the entire family though, and that’s alright with me. Because you get more than you bargain for in the music than anything else, it survives on its own merit. I can admit the album is not for everyone, but I wasn’t born yesterday and if it’s good there is no use calling it bad. But there are some problems, and they deal with the fact that even though there is a great deal of culture on display, it may not appeal to the entire global market. However, that’s the only observation of it and the artist himself. You’ll come away with a smile if you’re so inclined to listen to some of what he’s traying to get across on this, but then you’ll already get him if you’re already aware. And if you are, you’ll already be familiar with what he can do, with a point to mention being the guitar work on “Power Of Love/Lust” by the time you get to it. One of the absolute goodies to be found between the cracks on this outstanding CD, lies in this track. It smacks right in the middle of the set of wonderful adult-themed stuff, which is followed by a short warning message about sex. You have-to have a sense of humor or this won’t travel into your wheelhouse.

So, putting that out of the picture in this review, it’s smooth sailing for the music lovers. But just to mention one more less desirable moment, the next track “Whore” could on the other hand be a little much. But “nobody’s perfect” either, and you “might even need a pint after that.” No holding back at any point unless you can tune that out, so don’t expect there to be, until the end, where that changes for the only time. You hear about “the Soho Flasher” on “Son Of A Bitch” where he finds himself in front of the judge. This is a traditional reggae cut with one of the more enjoyable stories on the album. I got it anyway, but maybe that’s pushing it too hard on the people, I don’t care as-long as it is good and I like it within my own taste, I’ll share that opinion on any subject. It can be one reason why I give it upper marks, just as I some other comedy and spoken word entertainers. “Pig Of A Man” retains the wicked sense of humor you’ll have to respect or not even listen to Danny Gee in the first place, but give it a spin and hear for yourself. He goes back and forth with his lady, over a saloon style piano and string section behind it. This supersedes any conflict of interest I could possibly have with the lyrics. And it’s a good thing it comes before one of the previously mentioned parts(which the tracks play like).

“Gigolo” and “Geraldine” also go through socio-political moments worth investigating. They both groove with the best the be heard here. If you really like it, you’ll break out with laughter in every single song, and that is putting it mildly. He gets put in his place on the latter, and the former sports some of the finer musical skills of his/theirs. The vocal sparring is a treat, and so is the comedy on this. “The Way The Cookie Crumbles” isn’t the highest point but it’s still funny. And it’s not all so heavy handed when the final track “Thank You God” almost makes up for all-of the detractions you may find. Funny ones they are at that.

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Mike Tabor