Drew Davidsen – Out of the Blue

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Songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Drew Davidsen’s “Out of the Blue” is a fine single release from the performer’s debut album A Good Life and finds him confident and nuanced right out of the gate. His guitar work gets ample chance to be noticed during the performance, but this isn’t just a vehicle for his instrumental prowess. “Out of the Blue” is a well produced and surging AOR rock track with a high musical pedigree that builds dramatic tension from the outset and carries listeners along on a wave of energy. He proves to be quite a serviceable vocalist capable of inhabiting a lyric without ever sabotaging its potential. This is a solid and quite pleasing bit of rock songwriting without any of the big footed musical heroics common to less nuanced practitioners of the genre; Davidsen is clearly a cut above the pack and shows that with every line in this performance.

Like most top flight musicians, Davidsen’s musical journey began early in life and there’s certainly a sense in the song of a lifetime’s worth of lessons bearing creative fruit. Davidsen’s music and vocals alike will strike many listeners as the sound of an artistic force unleashed and, despite the commercial nature of the material, he never strikes a false note throughout the song. The song is off to the races after a brief preamble and maintains a steady line of attack throughout with the exception of a brief instrumental break. It’s further telling of his confidence level that Davidsen begins with the chorus; it’s a relatively audacious move that signals a performer putting his best foot forward and having the ear to know he has a great track. The same confidence persists throughout the duration of the song. His guitar work enters the picture at the right places, but never announces itself with chest-beating overkill. Instead, Davidsen wisely works his playing into the song’s fabric until it is all but indistinguishable from the other fine playing surrounding it.

Much of the other fine musicianship heard on this song comes from its rhythm section. They are an unobtrusive presence in the mix, but there’s little question that the engine room of this configuration provides much of the track’s impetus from the outset. They particularly excel at carrying off the fine chorus and you’ll find yourself living for those moments even after a single hearing. Drew Davidsen’s “Out of the Blue” covers familiar territory in popular song, but there’s no question that he’s followed the primary mandate of any material like this – bring something of yourself to the performance so it has a transformative effect. If Davidsen has succeeded with nothing else, he’s done that splendidly. It works well as a taste of his full length album as well and promises anyone ready to purchase that release an entertaining time well worth every cent.

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Lance Wright