Hannah Belle’s – Catch Her If You Can

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Hannah Belle’s Catch Her If You Can – is an EP that works on every level to compete with her two albums. Both of which contain some great stuff as well, like “Little Town Square,” “Porchin’ It” and “Preacher’s Daughter” to name just a few. She’s maturing like fine wine and this EP proves she can last at her craft. From her gospel leanings to her country and pop rock prowess, she brings six new tracks to freshen things up. To start with, “Stomping Ground” she gets the groove on with a killer opener to set the show on the road. A song that contains everything a rocking country good time needs, from excellent vocals to banjo. It’s one of the three highlights on the EP, with a few others I will mention as they come. There is nothing negative to be said about this artist, and the same goes for her music. If you hear anything from the get go, it’s that much. “UnSouthern” is a less that serious approach to basically the same speed of track. It helps keep the blood boiling and she gets a few funny one liners out that give it lots of charm, as well as a wavering violin outro, which gets a little pluck at the very end, to be musically funny. These two tracks go together well, and the tempo is just right between them.

There’s no need to critique the songwriting, singing, playing and production on this release. It’s all a first class showing from all involved, but an EP length is the only issue to point out. However, a lot of singles and EP’s are still coming by the ton either way. With the next track “Forgive” she goes full on balladeer songstress and it’s a great contrast to the previous energy, to keep focus on Hannah’s singing. Another great song is the result. And that stays true also on the next track “Raised” which is another highlight about standing your ground with the value you grew up on. It’s all about lessons and she does a good job of laying a few of them out, keeping it real all the way. The guitar carries this with a clever riff and some sweeping acoustic parts to spice it up. “I Can’t Make You Happy” slows down again with some lovely piano on another great ballad that drives a little faster than the former one. And while it’s not one of the EP’s highlights, it’s still a solid track with a lot of classic appeal. Hannah Belle has a background in not only gospel but classic country as well, and this displays some of those values involved in the structure of the classic country artists who pioneered it. All good things must come to an end, and although this EP plays long, it’s still an EP. It helps to pack them with as much punch as possible, and taking it to the highest level you can, to have the impact of a full-length release. Putting “Catch Her If You Can” as the finale was the right move to make you want to push play again once it’s all over. This is the third highlight from my perspective because it ends just as well as it starts, and that’s just one reason why this is such a good EP. It’s very consistent and just as good as here two full album releases. It makes a very good addition to them.

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Elvin Graham