Kazyak – ‘Happy Camping’

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Happy Camping of Kazyak band is a treat to the listener’s ears and give them a reason to smile and be happy while soothing with relaxing musical beats.

The Twin Cities Indie rock band, Kazyak is coming up with its new album release ‘Happy Camping’. Talking it in the conventional sense, a camping is happy when the camper is comfortable and contended and is experiencing everything as he or she has planned. The album tries to capture that happy and contented feel through its tracks.

The season that the tracks replicate is spring when it’s time for the flowers to bloom and there is no sign of darkness anywhere on the surface. Capturing the momentum of the season and the brilliance of the spirited flowers, the tracks are sizzling and entertaining and thus is able to captivate the attention of the listeners at one go.

Peter Grey (guitar), Andy Wolfe (guitar), Nick Grewe (drums), Lana Bolin (bass), and Pat Hayes (piano, synthesizer) – the members of the band, have their own distinctive indie folk roots and are blessed with great musical understanding. Together, they are known for creating marvelous and excellent musical masterpiece, which is just a treat for the listeners.

One of the lovely singles from the album ‘Happy Camping’, “When I Lived In Carolina” is a testament to the excellence of the band. The soft, folk song with all the elements in place and the heart-touching lyrics, will never fail to woo with its melody and charm.

Kazyak is popular for the firm tweaking of guitars and this has lent them a unique name in the musical industry. This strumming provides a soothing experience to the listeners. Using the same in their new album, the band is ready to provide its listeners some always entertaining and lively tracks for their playlist.

The sound used by the band typically evokes a type of Experimental Americana style. It uses the soft and slow flow of the music to reach the ears and gradually make a path to the hearts of the listeners. With richness in its style and the flawless concept that it has adopted, the band is sure to reach a great height in the musical industry. However, as for now, it has already mesmerized a huge chunk of listeners with its soothing, soft and inventive musical approach.

Lending you a hand to overcome the dark phase of your life and introduce you with a new ray of happy life, the songs of ‘Happy Camping’ is surely something that you will want to listen over and over again.
Having a detailed and core understanding of the requirements of the listeners and knowing the right path to reach out to them, Kazyak has successfully managed to create its own unique impression in the market. Giving you the opportunity to unhook a new life and an overwhelming emotion, the songs aptly offer a unique balance between music and sentiments.

‘Happy Camping’ tracks are the best way to provide the listeners a new way to begin a happy expedition of their life. Deeply grounded in nature, the music and inspiration of the band have a refreshing touch of innovative music coupled with the brilliant flow of emotions.

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Joseph Rothschild