Lexie Rose drops hot new single

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Lexie Rose is a new young singer on the scene, she’s only seventeen, but she’s been recording since she was thirteen. She soon became popular on the L.A. club circuit, regularly playing popular spots, including The Echo, Hotel Café, Genghis Cohen, and the legendary Troubadour. She most recently played the prestigious Play Like A Girl Showcase in Los Angeles. Lexie complements her own headline gigs as keyboardist and acoustic guitarist in Night Talks, her brother’s alt rock band that just released its debut album, In Dreams. This single “Wrong” is produced by Max Allyn.

The core values of this track aren’t restricted to the club circuit by any means. It seems to cover every genre from candy pop to smooth jazz. This has a diversity that crosses over on many levels of radio accessibility, instead of a one-dimensional approach. And that comes without hearing anything else by Lexie Rose. These values can mostly be found in the lyrics, which invite the opportunity to apologize but it not being the right thing to do after all. This is something that takes a maturity level not often heard from such a youthful perspective. But that’s just some of the magic she’s weaving.

The rich texture of her voice is also something that comes out mature as well, but she still has a long way to go. This is something young artists will always have going for them. By the time they haven’t even been at it long, they sound like they’ve been doing it all their life. And if this song is any evidence, then she’ll go far with more of the same. It’s a case of not fixing what isn’t broken. You get that within a few bars, and it’s an honestly that gets more required over the years. It’s just something she seems to have fully nailed on the only track I’ve heard. It instantly intrigues to hear more of her.

It’s about giving those second chances and falling short in such decisions to want to mend things. A love song but also a catchy tune about something everyone can relate to, and how time waits for no one concerning mistakes. There’s nothing heavy-handed about it. Everything falls into place as she comes alive in the last run of the chorus, after building up to it nice and slowly. It’s totally groovy on the way toward the ending, which helps follow it with ease. It flows at a mesmerizing-pace with a hypnotic delivery. Almost like pondering before concluding being “Wrong.”

This single should entice her fan base for the EP, which if the rest is anything like this, should turn heads from many other directions and hit targets not even aimed for. Exposure is one thing, but delivering a quality product is everything in front of, and behind it. This is when your fans are ready but the rest of the world awaits, and getting this out there is the main objective. It’s the first step in the process of what sounds like will be a great debut EP release behind a well-chosen single to prepare her audience and the rest of the world for what’s to come. She has chosen a most-infectious track to start with.

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Larry Toering