Marc Daniels releases Redheads single


Breaking into the country-rock music scene in 2016, Marc Daniels debuted artistry as well as, his musical and emotional depth that he infuses into his songs. The Starting Line has already received media praise from Country Music Life, Country Music Junkies and continues to gain a considerable buzz. his full-length album, The Starting Line. Produced by Tom Chandler, the album pays homage to Marc’s past experiences while growing up in rural America and is comprised of soulful vocals, blazing guitar melodies and heavy basslines. The nine-song collection includes roof-raising anthems, with the new single and video, “Redheads.” After the initial smack in the face of sound that hits you when you first hear “Redheads” is hard to get over in-order to stop and smell the peaches. But once you do that, you find not only a bucket full of sweetness, you also get a funny scene built round it on the hit video clip. But you’re going to need sense of humor that any country music fan should have to get it without laughing at, instead of with. This is often misunderstood for serious acting when it’s not. It gives you a look at it from both perspectives and leaves you with a smile at the very least. But you won’t do that without seeing the video.

Looks aren’t everything, but there’s some fine summer dressed read headed girls that you can only think about if listening without seeing this. So, if looks are everything, just don’t be surprised by the time it’s over. That’s not going to happen in the song, so let it stick to the ear, or it won’t take him the prize. You’ll see, it’s all in the video but not necessarily in the track. You’ll also see and hear why he catches on fire over them, as he indicates in the lyrics, which pass for a better description of the whole thing. I have never quite understood the read-headed and blond-headed jokes, but if I were attracted and vice versa I might be able to own up to it or not, depending on my sense of humor. It’s hard to get a read on it from that angle, but it takes nothing away from the single, the video or Marc Daniels. He sings about their green eyes and all the clichés, backed by a video clip with some hilarious situations. But give that a pass if you don’t want to see comedy with your country. It’s still done in good taste if you do. But “Redheads” stands on its own two feet. I have also been getting more and more into country rock lately, the kind that bites with a big sound that has slowly been coming back, and this does the business. Marc is worth keeping an eye as he rises on his own as he recently switched gears into country for a full-length album with potential hit singles. And “Redheads’ is a cool introduction that put me onto more of his music. It can have that appeal to anyone who likes country rock artists, especially ones with obviously harder rock roots. It’s always a good foundation to come by in country, but the two aren’t that far rooted from the same tree.


Elvin Graham