Charles Boyd


Charles Boyd’s music and background can all be found at his website, with his latest free release, Crypt Kicker, now available for download. This, like most of his music, is adult contemporary with a comedic twist of the mature variety. But that that doesn’t mean he’s always mature about it. You’ll have to take that with the musical strides he continues to make as he goes, with some of that being also left to the bad and good which can be taken from it. This Canadian artist has been through his share of experience, but a health issue brought him out of the public eye and give his music comical away with no hesitation.

Not everything is a joke with Charles Boyd, and he proves that with several of the songs on his latest album, and proves exactly the opposite as well, which is how he primarily presents himself anyway. It might not be your taste or sense of humor that comes with, but it’s not all fun and games either. You just have-to hear him out in-order to get the balance he brings to the table. And that might even be another reason he offers it up for free, for not cost at all. The best thing to do is search it up and find out for yourself, but a few pointers could help and could guide you to all angles of his art.

Crypt Kicker contains twenty songs, some of them more like chants, but kicks off comedically if you see it that way, with “The Lustful Dead” which has him singing about sex after death. But it’s worth mentioning, again, that Charles has gone through some health issues and his music is part of his healing process. You either sympathize or not, but it could be part therapy for all anyone knows. This album has a horror theme to it, as it opens with “The Lustful Dead” and you have no choice but to either laugh or skip the whole thing. It won’t do any good to hear the rest if you don’t take the time to listen to the lyrics and decide for yourself.

Once the second track gets underway, you already see through it enough to continue, especially if you’re not new to his free catalog. Then you’re already used to this side of him and know what to expect. If that is the case, you’re in good shape listening to his latest work. But even then, “Friends In New York” does entice as if it’s not going to be one of the funny cuts. But it turns out much like the opener once it’s over. The next few follow in the same fashion, all lean on the comedic side of the album which runs like an experimental concept. But if you listen to them all, a few slice-through as very positive.

“Irresponsible” is the first of the cleaner numbers, but also still a funny one with some of his weed humor shining through, which is obviously a prescribed thing in his case with nothing but good intentions behind the hilarious lyrics. “British Columbia” is another one, but it’s less interesting with more of a romantic approach. “House Of Weed” needs no explanation either, so there’s a lot to chew on if you don’t like every word he’s singing about. “Outrageous” is another one of the more positive numbers which gives it a good mark, but most of the tracks are explicit and sexually naughty to say the least, so, keep this way from the kids and have a laugh if it’s your type of humor. Check out the rest of his work as well.


Elvin Graham