Jamie Gazelle

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In the inaugurations of Carter, Jamie Gazelle opened on the eclipse that day in Washington DC as he was then living in Maryland with new wife Roxi. About 50,000 people were on the lawns that day and the song “Open Window” shook the whole place, and a few girls were coming up afterwards who that band and singer was. A year later Jamie had moved to music city, Nashville, TN and he found himself a small tuna amongst whales and things did not go so well. Jamie is not really country and found the market was seriously overcrowded. After two years there he moved back home after having nearly everything stolen one night by evil roomers. But now things are different and he has released two very good CD’s that have a large amount of varied works. It’s no man’s land in music enough to the point where the best can never get heard and exactly the opposite as well. Some of his songs beg for the right exposure, and “Drop Dead Angel” is as good a place to start as any. It’s about the fantasy of two lovers that was never really meant to be. And that is why it’s a good place to start. You somehow believe he wants to do everything in the name of love when you hear this great tune. It’s amazing that it never made the charts, yet other songs make it.

The lack of getting around can hurt a song, no matter how good or bad it is, and some fly too far under the radar. The same thing goes for “Ready Up The Jet” as it makes you wonder how anything makes the airwaves these days. This track reminds of soul bands of the 70s and 80s, with an almost Duran Duran appeal to it. You get everything from rock ‘n roll to dance music all vying for your ears on this, which I find to be his best track. He sings about being carried by and carrying the ones you love. And it’s all in the words, so get the get the fuel out and start up the engines, because this is one hot piece. “All The Love I Can” has more of a smooth jazz sound if you’re looking for a change in the mood, and it goes back to his first album. This is likely a favorite because of the personal nature, but it’s another fine example of what Jamie Gazelle does with a song. There are many influences in his music and he’s not afraid to play just one style, as he makes sure to explore different musical avenues, even within the same song if he has-to. This is just one sign of that really, as it can be found laced just about anywhere throughout his repertoire. This track is one of the best ways to point that out.

If you also listen to “Dragonslayer” you will find the same result only the opposite in terms of effort to make an all-around balanced pop track, this one being a little heavier in theme but structured in a completely different way but they both make an-effort to show him in a lighter hearted way, even though he is obviously able to shine in several ways. The track itself holds up to anything he does, but it comes in behind the others mentioned here. It still comes recommended to show every side of him fairly. If I were to point out anothers they would be “The End Of Time” and the countrified “Hillbilly Candy.”

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Mike Tabor