Jonathan Cavier – Blue Room


Jonathan Cavier has returned with a new album entitled Blue Room and a title track from the release that’s clearly a ready made single. “Blue Room” may surprise fans of his past solo work thanks to the introduction of forceful electric guitar and Cavier vocals aiming at much more than merely nailing down the song’s melodic qualities. Cavier comes off quite credibly as a gritty rock singer and his voice matches up quite well to the six string work dominating the musical arrangement. Despite the heaviness, “Blue Room” retains a deceptively light and immensely artful touch. It likewise benefits from polished production values that frame Cavier’s vocals, songwriting and the playing with balanced clarity that gets things off to an outstanding start. Cavier’s past as a pop performer is no impediment to him carrying off this performance and it rates as a highlight of the work.

Despite the presence of guitar, he inhabits this song with the same presence defining his earlier releases. Cavier distinguishes himself from many of his contemporaries thanks to imaginative phrasing seldom tackling lines the same way twice. Songs are an artistic experience and Cavier adheres to that idea by seemingly going through an evolution of sorts in each performance. He’s a singer who is resolutely responsive to the emotions outlined in each lyric and dramatizes them with an artful touch that never risks overwrought self-expression. His ear for following a vocal melody is one of the key parts of his talent and, regardless of the guitar work, his vocal outing never takes a backseat and remains the spark propelling the song into the stratosphere. The inclusion of vocal harmonies throughout the song is another element striking a compelling contrast with the guitar work. The harmonies are expertly handled and dovetail nicely into the overall style of the piece; the warmth and musicality they exude is notable.

The guitar playing has plenty of bite and alternates between straight forward chords riffing away alongside sharply chosen moments of soaring lead guitar fills. The latter moments come at the right time and punctuate the performance with dramatic heights that never take on more than the song can handle. Cavier’s talent for song construction translates into a performance that is concise and features no wasted motion – much like the lyric, it is apparent that Cavier entered the studio to cut this song knowing exactly what he wanted to say and how to do it with a minimum amount of fuss. The lyrics have a personal tinge to them, but Cavier writes in such an accessible way that any potential listener encountering the song will relate to the experience it conveys. “Blue Room” may present Cavier’s longtime listeners with a slightly unfamiliar style, but they will find themselves immediately convinced and newcomers will undoubtedly be invigorated by a performer who tackles his songwriting with such commitment and zeal. Jonathan Cavier has produced another winner with this song and the album is surely every bit as worthwhile.


William Elgin