Trevor Drury – I Know You From the 70’s


Arizona born and California bred singer/songwriter and musician Trevor Drury has already garnered a considerable amount of mainstream coverage for such a young career and, after “I Know You From the 70’s”. Drury has experienced a tremendous amount of success outside of the music world, but even a cursory listen to this track illustrates that his true home is as a musical performer and he’s clearly enlisted an array of talented collaborators who’ve aided him in realizing his musical vision. Trevor Drury has traveled the world and brings a wealth of experience to each new performance – it isn’t any stretch to imagine that each performance of this track might manifest a distinctly different mood than the last. He has the skill and panache to bring this material off and does so with immense stylishness.

The keyboards and synthesizer work plays off against Drury’s voice quite nicely. There’s a distinctly melancholy air working from the first on this song and Drury’s declamatory vocal style has the effect of leaving an exclamation point on an exceptionally well written track. The lyrics manifest a singular point of view you don’t often find in modern material and Drury’s voice inhabits the narrative in a highly convincing fashion. His voice dovetails very well with an assortment of points in the arrangement and it’s clear that both the music and vocal have been tailored to complement each other as much as possible. Drury shows an appealing emotive edge that’s further complemented by backing vocals that sweeten the darker colors running through this song.

It has an ideal length to entertain and emotionally involve listeners. The light percussion threaded through the tune gives it a discernible musical spine while the melodic elements dance fleet-footed over the foundation. Drury’s vocal style may seem overly self-conscious to some – but, once you get into the song, you quickly understand that it is the ideal method to deal with this material and best embodies its emotional tenor. Trevor Drury brings strength to the pop song tradition that has been lost over the last decade plus and couples a sense of showmanship and solid musical backing together in a package that is sure to appeal to both casual fans and hardcore music devotees alike.

“I Know You from the 70’s” gives lie to the idea that melodic pop music is incapable of making substantive lyrical and musical statements. Trevor Drury is an unique talent with a boundless future thanks to his talent for investing material with the gravitas it deserves. This is a remarkable first single and hints at talents not yet broached on the modern music scene. We hear a wealth of skill and experience coming together here that popular music doesn’t typically offer.


David Shouse