The Harper Conspiracy – ‘Curious Mortal Minds’


The Harper Conspiracy reminds me of Angel Olsen’s songs. The way she strings her lyrics together into the finely strummed guitar is next to none. I, however, find her vibe scattered in the melodies of The Harper Conspiracy.

Curious Mortal Minds’ being the band’s first musical EP, it includes four tracks which are evidently brilliantly written and executed professionally. The band has a way of blending their voices to create a perfect harmony. I find The Harper Conspiracy weird and cool at the same time. The EP cover design speaks a lot about the whole tracks embedded in the gold bar. We as curious people search and search for things not lost, and yet we find ourselves lost in between –like I found myself wanting in the first track.

“Carry me,” the first song off the EP, was written by Susan Harper. Susan Harper is also the vocalist of the Harper conspiracy. The song went deeply spiritual and motivational at usan same time. I tried to wait for the break point, where the song will piss me off, and it didn’t come. Or I probably listened too hard to the elevational lyrics that are garnished by the calm musical accompaniments.

“Who’s gonna carry me?
My courage will carry me.
Who’s gonna carry me?
Who’s gonna carry me?
My strength will carry me.
I’m gonna carry me.”

The song opened my eyes to the fact that the journey isn’t always as it is. A lot of people will watch you fall and walk away; only I can save myself from the pit I am in. The journey of this world is a personal one.
The Harper conspiracy writes about life, love, living, and the travails of being human. They present deep, danceable rocks with very identifiable Indie influence. Susan’s voice has an obvious indie groove, and it makes it more compelling and useful in “Carry me.”

The Harper conspiracy is made up of certified musicians that have tested their musical skills on several grounds. The group is popularly known for original covers, and that puts them on the frontline. Susan Harper who vocals and plays the acoustic guitar is the powerhouse of the Harper conspiracy. Grant Boling does the magic with the electric guitar that usually provides their music with that rock feel. He has knowledge of audio engineering and plays multiple instruments. Philip Orozco plays the saxophone and the harmonica. The team is never complete without the drummer, Aida Ward-Richter and Shaina Ward who does vocals alongside Susan.

The second song off the EP is a revelation they called “Journey.” A sonic account of an aftermath of a psychedelic.
After the choruses, the saxophone does a melodious solo that brings Nigerian Fela Anikulapo to mind. I seem to like Nigerian musicians because of the life they put into their songs. Philips’ fingers are quick to define the lyrics as deep with his sacred scales.

“Come take a journey with me
Where no one can enter unless permitted by the gates
The place we’ll visit is far beyond the reaches of mortals
Far beyond where you will never meet with fate
Trip along gold and dusty trails
Where thoughts become reality and dreams unfold
Majestic mountains there for the taking
And all your fantasies are rich with gold.”

The lines in the first verse opened the song into the depth that was needed for this Journey. A preparation of how messy it is about to get.

In Waves of Sweet Delight, there wasn’t much but the sweet delight of melodies that come crashing into each other like sea waves. Nothing much to say because of the perfected musical jamboree the Harper conspiracy conspired to make this track. Here again, I smelt indie folk, and in Susan and Shaina’s voices, I wasn’t alone. I found my way back into the arms of music. You know when God said he’s sending a comforter, he meant “Music.” I was comforted by just listening to the calm vibe spewed by these voices.

Wayfinding through time is the last song on the EP. The 04:25 minutes of end rhymes were a lively hearing. I enjoyed the electric guitar as it waved into my room. Again Susan Harper validates herself as a brilliant songwriter and vocalist.

The Harper Conspiracy are on to something good and this should not stop.


Persha Carlston