SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/hytsmusic/exoplanet-hyts

In the spirit of musical justice (as I find is severely lacking these days), I gave this latest CD from HYTS a good and proper listen. Not only did I not hate it, but I actually kind of fell in love with it, and subsequently (and individually) the duo in the process.

First the music therein is a bit more Past-Electronica than Modern-Electronica so it’s not lackluster as I was expecting. I can hear influences ranging from City and Color, Chet Faker, Depeche Mode, Karnivool and If These Trees Could Talk. Most of the music is straight up EDM but much of it contains theatrical into, outros, building musical segments and a lot of musical angulation. The lyrics aren’t as annoying or sickly as I thought they would be. Vocals by Jacob Acosta are pretty straight forward as he commands a somewhat complex tonal registry all the while maintaining impressive finesse and control. Acosta melds and blends all of the above together in a starkly unique way. The end result? A new sound with an old classic feel. Reading from the words of other reviewers during my research this is a consensus.

How shall I sum up the sound of HYTS for you? How about stimulating to the mind, body and soul. While actually sounding like he’s not so over produced like some of the more modern sounding artists out there like Panic! At The Disco and Zeds Dead, HYTS manages to capture a sound that is old yet surprisingly fresh all at the same time. Trust me when I say there are legions of fans waiting for these guys to arrive. Many of these tracks sound surprisingly fresh and innovative, which makes up for their somewhat dated influences. They way they blend familiar 90s trademark House layers in songs like “We Are” and the switch up to pretty dope and trippy melodies like “Synthesize” where Acosta vocals, especially in the chorus, reminded me to A-ha’s Morten Harket.

All songs will cause you to reflect on your own life experience through the keen wisdom of HYTS’s music, vocal mojo and lyrics. The Musicianship from all involved is World Class and the productions strokes are Professional grade. In conclusion there are 3 things I really like about “Exoplanet”. For one I didn’t want to shoot myself with my pen like I do with most bands from the Bay Area these days so no worries there. Two: this CD may be the most impressionable, genuine, artistic CD I’ve heard this year. HYTS only two members accomplish what a bunch of producers and songwriters can’t and they have the courage to write and play music the way they want to. A far cry from the “sell out” corporate puppet bands causing the masses to scratch their heads.

Whereas 90% of the bands could care less about this approach as they just want to make labels happy. This is one of the most important attributes for me when reviewing music. “Exoplanet” by HYTS has no serious weaknesses or flaws and is exactly what the title says it is a compelling musical journey of sorts through the musical roots of a brilliant producer and a singer songwriter.

BVANDCAMP: https://hyts.bandcamp.com/track/exoplanet-2

Lucas James