Jeff Hartman – Legacy


Jeff Hartman has been writing and performing original songs since 1980. He is the owner of Screaming Wife Productions, LLC and has been a member of the Recording Academy for 15 years. He is an internationally recognized songwriter and recording artist and has worked with Grammy- nominated writers and artists. Jeff lives with his wife Paula at the South Jersey shore, in Margate, NJ. He loves to write for singers of all ages and recently released his new album, Legacy, with its smooth jazz and soulfully tasting adult contemporary songs. Legacy can be found at CD Baby, along with his first release, Mansfield.

Adult contemporary can swing numerous ways depending on the artists’ perspective. It can get skewed like any other genre, and this album almost goes from that to pop, to jazz, to rock and even a clear inflection of the blues. It hops around within the mold, so to speak. If it stayed to just adult contemporary the songs wouldn’t vary so much as whole works and be laced throughout them instead. Jeff Hartman is beyond just one category and that’s the first impression you get when you hear everything it has to offer. And the production is second to none, which never hurts.

Legacy begins with “Running Back To Me” and it’s not the best track but it’s still a good opener, and much to tell about what’s to come in some ways, some ways not. The first thing that comes to mind is blues because it starts out that way, but then it cools out into some jazzier factors. The lyrics are killer, and the whole thing just works even though there are better tracks to talk about. It features a self-call and response vocal in the chorus and it’s the best thing about the song. It’s just an overall mature and appealing opener. It reminds of bands like The Crusaders, if you’re familiar.

“Or Nothing At All” is pretty-good too, but falls flat compared to the former. It doesn’t bring out the best in what’s to be heard here. Save time for other tracks like “Kookitykoo” and you’ll be in the zone with him. This is one of the better songs but there are a lot of other great ones to choose from. “Overtime” is so contagious it’s worth the price of admission. This is where adult contemporary mostly meets with pop, but there’s flavors of R&B too, it’s an assortment of style in one, and you can’t beat it with s stick if you’re already into the album itself. It’s great stuff all the way, like it or not. There’s a quality that makes it.

“Papas Lullaby” is an epic effort to make a classic without overdoing it. The tracks being mentioned are the cream of the entire crop, and every one of them contend for the best notes altogether. He even takes on the evil forces of war with “The Peace Song” which should be heard all over the world, it’s another quality tune that checks out in every department. This is as superb as anything on the record. “Maybe Eyes” and “Story Of Your Life” are two other tracks that contain the fire to be heard, with Spanish guitar parts and some chilling vocals that prove his singing prowess nearly perfect. Hear it for yourself, it comes recommended.


Mike Tabor