Marc Daniels – Summer Song


I never really knew that I liked country music until very recently. Lately I’ve been discovering a number of country acts that I really like. It might be really appropriate and advantageous, then that I got to hear “Summer Song” from Marc Daniels now. The timing must have really lined up well.

The vocal performance on this song is right on the mark. The cut has a nice moving groove to it, too. It rocks with the best of them. This stands right up to any of the modern country music of acts like Little Big Town quite well. This should be a hit right alongside their stuff. I should mention that they are one of my recent discoveries that I really like. So, that says a lot. Apparently this song isn’t brand new. It was released on Daniels’ first album, “The Starting Line.” That disc came out in the summer of 2016. I guess that means that the “summer” Daniels was talking about is a year ago. It doesn’t matter because the message and the sound are timeless and work well year after year.

Marc Daniels is based in the Spokane, Washington area. I’m guessing that it’s not a hot bed of country music. You wouldn’t know it from hearing this artist. His sound feels authentic and really sells the listener on the mood and the tone. Of course, to fully understand where this musical talent originated, you need to take into consideration the fact that Daniels grew up surrounded by many musicians and a rich musical heritage in his family. That heritage, along with a musical education including piano lessons that he started when he was in grade school contribute to his sound.

He lists a diverse set of influences. To some degree you can hear a lot of that in his music, too. Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks are the obvious ones on his short list. You can definitely hear the impact those have made on his sound. His music should appeal to fans of both of those artists. The list includes Pink Floyd and Def Leppard, though. Those two aren’t so obvious, but do show up in the rocking sound of Daniels’ music. I suppose it should be noted that Daniels bills his music as country rock, rather than rock inspired country music. I can only base my assessment on this one song, but to me, this lands more on the country end of that equation. Still, it’s a matter of degrees, so that’s really only so relevant.

Over the years Daniels has played a lot of gigs. That means people all over the country have had the chance to experience his sound. Since his album is now a year old, plenty of other people have gotten to know his music via that release. For those who haven’t heard him before in one of those other ways, “Summer Song” presents another opportunity to hear this artist. Give it a try. You are likely to find something new to enjoy.


Diane Hill