Paul Coelho


Paul Coelho, from Bristol, England has seven tracks up at his website and they’re interesting, as is his approach to music. He is a songwriter that is more interested in his songs being recorded by others, as he places them on his site to be heard and downloaded. So, this is a different way of looking through the artist window to find out about them. He sounds like his influences which are Beatles, Supertramp and others. But make no mistake this is an original artist with something different to say, and might get the attention of the right budding talent to take them to the next level. The first one to hear is “Sometimes” and it’s a good track to start with, if a bit pitchy in parts, but nothing to complain about. You get a look- into his style from the get go on this, and it’s not hard to like. “Smile” is one of two tracks on Viasat Scandinavian TV for a film trailer, to start with. It’s full of the hooks and catchy factors this artist writes with, as well as it leaves room for anyone to pick up on. I’m not trying to sell it to another artist, but Paul Coelho himself is looking to be covered that way, so to speak. And it’s the better of the two film songs for me with it slightly edging in the overall sound department.

“First Love” is kind of silly but it’s still a good tune. I am reminded of the Thompson Twins to be honest, but also some others I will not mention. It’s not the finest piece of work but not the worst either. I’ll leave the rest up to you, but encourage everyone to listen. It’s a good thing to mention it does go well with “Lonely” though because the moods tend to match, as they’re both practically depressing subjects. The music saves that for both-of these songs at the end of the day, so that evenly brings every element together properly. Take the bad with the good, because that is the best way to evaluate anything. “Lucky Man” rectifies anything that might confuse about Paul’s music. This is an epic track for the most part. It starts off kind of like it’s not going to go anywhere, and then it comes on like a freight train with all kinds of goodness that the surrounding tracks only hint to lie within his skill set and songwriting skills as well. A cosmic delight is what it is, compared to them without leaving them abused. It’s just obviously my favorite track in the Paul Coelho canon so far. If I were to prop him thus far, it would be for this composition. But don’t bypass the rest, as they are some compelling works to their credit.

Take “Stars” for instance, the second track utilized by Viasat Scandinavian TV for a film trailer. A story about dealing with the banks and their corporate greed. There is an air of perfection blowing through this one, and it’s produced with a more appealing mix like its counterpart track. “There are no secrets in space” is the catchiest line of them all. And don’t miss “Hindsight” if you get a chance, because it brings the tempo full circle for Paul Coelho. It shows the mellow side of Paul and evens out what are some good solid tracks around three extraordinary ones I picked.

Mike Tabor