The Sighs – Wait On Another Day


This third full length album “Wait On Another Day” by Massachusetts based The Sighs are sure to one day be remembered as one of the classic good timing Alternative and Pop Rock CD’s of recent time. It’s pure Classic Rock magic the way it used to be, full of cautionary tales, and a passion for hope and love.

All of this describes The Sighs, but who are The Sighs anyway? They are a band made up of incredible musicians and songwriters who draws on life experiences from both the interior and exterior vantage point.” Their narrative, often carefree and cheesy lyrics and sincere performances offer an unobstructed view into the heart of a band that embraces each moment, both individually and as a group. From the first seconds of Track 1” It’s Real” to the final moments of “Think About Soul”, Wait On Another Day hits on all cylinders with a fun musical landscape full of power, some heavy riffs and often happy go luck overtones. One thing that impressed me the most about this album/band is the sheer impassioned throwback 60s and 90s respective rock vibes one gets. There’s an Alternative Rock ambience that really sucks in the listener. The CD is professional grade any way you look at it – very professional. The instrumentation and tones give you that genuine feel of good music and writing from a generation ago. It also has a solid feel reminiscent -as I mentioned earlier- of Classic Rock music popular in the early 60s/70s as well. These lads remind me of icons such as The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson, The Beatles, Gin Blossoms. All members in this band are solid musically. Kudos goes out to the amazing songwriting. I always said you can sell what you don’t truly believe, Here The Sighs capture Lighting in a Bottle that will ring true not only for older more experienced listeners but new ones as well.

My favorite tracks: “Love From Lisa” and “Socialite”.

“Thinking About Soul” wraps up a well rounded 11 track set that delivers an interesting cross section of classic Hard Rock, and Active Rock. This makes it accessible to modern day listeners as well. How is this possible? Only an experienced group of talented artists armed with an honest, genuine, sincere approach can pull it off.


Meaghan Lee