Dizzy Box Nine – Electric Illusion

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If a combination of Train, The Gin Blossoms, Tom Petty, and Blink 182 sounds good to you, then Electric Illusion by Dizzy Box Nine is a release you’ll want to hear. It has a lot to offer to music lovers of all backgrounds, as it presents a collection of melodic pop tunes, which guitarist and singer Randy Ludwig seems to know how to weave together just right. Electric Illusion is a well-put together indie-pop-rock record with something for everyone.

“Open Up To Me” gets things immediately started and will keep your attention. The chorus feels good to listen to, and the pre-chorus give you a hint of what’s coming. Great guitar playing rules this track, and I love the guitar solo which seems to blend two guitar solos as the same time. The vocals are also strong, and takes the track exactly to where the listener is dying to go. “Oh Yeah” is next on this record which instantly makes an impact with its poppy musical feel and clever lyrics, “something is amazing, yes, you know it’s true”. Yes! I’m hooked, I love this band and this song is one of the reasons why.

Randy has a way of writing memorable pop songs, which have an effortless feel to them. They’re catchy jingles, they’re nursery rhymes to some extent. Do you remember how easy it is to learn a nursery rhyme? Which brings us to the song “Good”. Here, Randy is quite convincing with, “Ill take you anywhere with me, yeah!” And, Dizzy Box Nine hits us over and over with that line and that melody, which becomes rather engrained into your memory. This seems to be the main single on the album, and all other songs seem to be centered around this one. It’s an epic little pop track of sorts, which shows so much of what this band has to offer, including its catchy chorus, along with a thoughtful break that comes just when you need to hear it.

“When I Look At You” has a fairly impressive chorus structure as well as it repeats, “When I’m with you it’s all OK”, and you hear subtle background voices repeating that as well, “it’s all ok, it’s all okay!” It’s easy to hear this song over and over again. “Fantasy” is also a feel-good number that works wonders in the guitar department. And the vocals are quite impressive in the song “Rosie”, a tune you definitely don’t want to miss. Also, don’t forget to check out the lead guitar in the album closer, “Samantha”. Here the lead guitar at the end of the song is just as catchy as the chorus of any song out there, by any band.

Overall consider me very impressed with the California-based band Dizzy Box Nine. They have managed to bring some much-needed life back into pop, in a catchy and clever way.

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Elvin Graham