Jack Massic – Let’s Go Away

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Based out of the Miami area, Jack Massic has enjoyed a steady stream of hit singles since his 2016 emergence with the song “Gravity”. His latest single “Let’s Go Away” promises to propel this Latin songwriter to a previously undreamt of level both commercially and artistically, in no small part thanks to contributions from guest vocalist Julia Ross. Ross worked for seven years as a backing vocalist for Miley Cyrus and a solo artist in her own right who brings her own strong identity to this song. The mix of musical styles powering this track certainly keeps things consistently interesting – the tropical house strands in his music seamlessly weave with the dance hall aspects and come off as an unified performance with style and substance alike. Jack Massic’s career trajectory has trended sharply upward and there’s no reason his ascent will slow thanks to this stunning new release.

Massic’s songwriting invokes a delicate magic, uncluttered yet full, and his touch with unobtrusive percussion that, nonetheless, gives listener’s a clear pulse for the song is a skill few of his contemporaries possess in such a way. The song doesn’t attempt sticking around to test the audience’s patience and, as a result, has a structure that adheres to conventionality while still sounding fresh and original. It’s something to hear how well Massic brings together an array of instrumental voices yet never risks the sound becoming too dense or heavy handed. Instead, “Let’s Go Away” maintains a light touch throughout the duration of the song. It’s well in keeping with the song’s subject matter which isn’t so much about relocation as it is intimacy – wanting something that the speaker in the song can share alone with a loved one, far from the pressing issues and trials weighing on all lives.

Julia Ross’ vocal is the crowning moment of the song that makes it all more than the sum of its individual parts. The cohesiveness her voice gives to the song at large is inestimable because she gives each line such consistency that it’s difficult to imagine the song shorn of her vocals. Instead, she enhances the song’s warm gossamer glow even more and the emotive presence she provides the words makes them seem like much more than pure conversational song lyrics. She gives them a profoundly human quality that equates with a cry from the heart in musical form. She may be a young singer, but Ross has the veteran instinct to shape her vocal around the musical arrangement and never attempts to obscure the rich accompaniment she’s receiving throughout the recording. “Let’s Go Away” is filled with effervescent musical skill and a truly yearning spirit that will touch and inspire anyone with an open mind to its charms. Jack Massic’s latest foray proves just as successful as its predecessors while showing his continued growth as a writer.

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Jason Hillenburg