MicFreeze – Cousin Skeeter

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“Cousin Skeeter” is the latest single offering from seventeen year old Detroit based hip-hop vocalist and songwriter MicFreeze. This young man has been focused on self-expression from an early age and discovering his musical and vocal talents has allowed him to tap into his nascent creativity with entertaining and crackling, impassioned results. It shows how he keeps making enormous leaps in presentation and quality since his recent debut – each new single has elaborated on the immense promise of his debut and has managed to not repeat itself. It’s no small feat for any performer, but MicFreeze first emerged at the age of sixteen and the reach of his skills at such an early age is eye-popping. The confidence he exudes, as well, is kinetic and has a positive effective on every second of the song. “Cousin Skeeter” is the next stage in MicFreeze serving notice to the hip hop world that there’s a major new giant in the making on the scene and his talents can’t be ignored.

MicFreeze radiates confidence from the first. The musical backing for this song is very strong, but he never loses his way going up against the electronic backing and adepts his voice to the arrangement’s various turns with palpable ease. He’s rapping from a personal place, but any autobiographical touches in his lyrical content only seem to encourage him to put himself more into the delivery and there isn’t a second of hesitation from him throughout the track. He never overemphasizes the lyrics, steering them towards parody, and this is likely one of his wisest moves – some listeners are going to have a difficult enough time comprehending how a performer so young can be so good without finding him prone to histrionic displays of his credibility. Instead, MicFreeze carries off the lyrics in just the right way and mixes a variety of modulated attitudes into his approach.

The music for “Cousin Skeeter” is electronically produced rather than using any conventional instrumentation, but it has a very human sound despite the synthesizers and machine produced rhythm section work. It achieves a great balance between invoking colorful atmosphere and giving MicFreeze a strong groove his voice can ride. The transitions from one passage to the next are handled with great finesse and the fluidity of the track, as a whole, is another hallmark of the solid writing process that went into its creation. MicFreeze is knowing and intelligent enough to never overextend himself as a writer and, as a result, “Cousin Skeeter” says what it needs to say and doesn’t waste listeners time. This is one of the more formidable hip hop singles you’ll likely encounter in 2017 and shows this young talent make significant inroads towards his avowed goal of becoming one of the leading artists of his generation. There’s no doubt that he’s getting closer to that with each new release.

Shannon Cowden