Trevor Drury – Trip to the Water

“Trip to the Water” is the latest single from musician and model Trevor Drury. The Southern Californian native has attracted a lot of attention for his stunning good looks and natural presence in front of a camera, but he’s much more than just some pleasing eye fodder and his recent singles prove that beyond any doubt. “Trip to the Water” might strike some as having an ethereal and often orchestral sound that depends more upon the accumulation of musical effects rather than any one moment that defines the song. There’s even a slightly inspirational quality to this song that’s difficult to pin down, but it has an introspective mood that may surprise many listeners. “Trip to the Water” is a memorable single from an artist who seems to be gaining artistic weight with each release and, soon, the indie scene will be far too constricting for Trevor Drury’s immense talents.

The inspirational qualities of the song are underscored by the lyric structure. Drury’s lyric finds him revisiting the title line as if the song is some sort of hymn or prayer in pop song form. There’s a good mix of generalities and specificity in the lyric, but there’s also little question that the song has intense personal meaning for Drury whatever obscurities remain in the lyric. It’s a track where listeners can take away their own meanings and that level of accessibility is critical to the success of any musical recording. These are pieces written and recorded for airing in a vacuum; for a song to be successful it, naturally, must engage the audience and this track does so spectacularly well. It never over-extends itself, either, and shows a focus throughout that isn’t common to young performers. There’s nothing really that common about Trevor Drury. He handles this song with the steely-eyed confidence of a veteran writer and performer.

The song’s arrangement shows many different faces. It begins life in rather spartan fashion with a smattering of synthesizer coloring things in for lean, beautifully threaded piano lines and a clean Drury vocal. Drury’s songwriting makes use of some inevitable crescendos and lulls in the song’s structure and brings instruments in and out of the mix with great instincts and to ultimately satisfying effect. There’s substance to this song that most experienced listeners won’t expect from such a relatively inexperienced performer, but it’s increasingly obvious as you listen that Trevor Drury is an unusually deep musical talent who possesses a natural aptitude for the form that others cultivate with discipline and practice. “Trip to the Water” sounds like it comes quite naturally from Drury, unaltered and reflective of his inner life, springing full born from his heart for all the world to hear. It’s the latest winning single in a string of powerful songs from this performer and there’s no reason to assume the streak won’t continue with future releases.


Holly Shimer