Amilia K. Spicer – Love’s For Living


“Love’s For Living” is the latest single from Los Angeles and Austin, Texas based singer/songwriter Amilia K. Spicer and takes her artistry another step higher following the release of her well received studio album Wow and Flutter. She ventures into holiday song territory with this tune and it certainly has a buoyant, bright production style ideally suited for its musical approach. There’s a little bit of the lyrical complexity present that Spicer, invariably, brings to all of her material, but it is never so gaudy or intense that it dampens the mood or listening experience for her existing fans or those hearing her for the first time. Spicer’s performance shows all of the attributes that she’s parlayed into her music appearing on television and film soundtracks as well as making prestigious live appearances that have further burnished her reputation. “Love’s for Living” is one of the most entertaining and musically rich one-off listening experiences of the 2017 holiday season.

It’s impossible to not like the song. The tempo and instrumentation come together quite nicely from the first and it definitely takes on a slightly assertive folk song vibe, maybe with a hint of country peeking in. There’s no question that there’s a strong commercial slant to the songwriting and performance alike, but it has the ring of musical authenticity that elevates it well over just being some commonplace commercial folkie number. Another crucial factor in that is the vocal melody. It’s interspersed with delicately rendered flashes of backing vocal that briefly send the song into the upper register. The vocal melody is one of the song’s marquee elements. Spicer’s voice is well suited to making its very melodic sway stick in listener’s memories and the interplay between her voice and the instruments makes for a rewarding listen.

The words are a trademark Spicer strength and, even on a relatively low key effort like this not evidencing any massive ambition; Spicer shades her lyric with subtleties other songwriters wouldn’t pursue. The emotional flexibility of her voice, as well, enables to imbue the lyrics with extra meaning for some that they may not otherwise possess. She has some unexpected turns as a writer that pull songs like this out of a strictly autobiographical realm into territory where its capable of resonating with a much wider audience. “Love’s For Living” is powered, likewise, by palpable sentiments that never seem phony and are conveyed in plain-spoken language. The musical backing for Amilia Spicer’s latest single is spot on perfect and sends this song high into the stratosphere for a real holiday gem. The steady build of Spicer’s career continues with a release that’s strongly connected with the excellence that’s defined her career since the beginning. It comes on the heels of numerous song placements with television programming and movies, plum live slots at high profile concerts and venues alike, and poises her for even greater accomplishments that surely lie ahead.


Shannon Cowden