Bree Taylor – What You’re Looking For


It’s singer/songwriters like Bree Taylor who unequivocally prove that quality pop music is far from a dead issue. Her new single “What You’re Looking For” serves as a sort of sneak preview for Taylor’s forthcoming debut EP she’s currently writing and recording in Los Angeles, but it also illustrates how far she’s come since her September 2016 debut. Her first single “Broken Dreams” introduced her as a potentially titanic talent who brings together exceptional melodic gifts with a willingness to be vulnerable and, yet, connect with listeners in a way that marks all the best pop music we’ve heard in our lives. Both casual and hardcore music fans will find much to admire on this release – Taylor has a commanding and confident presence far beyond her years and likely reflective of her long work to make herself into the force we hear today. “What You’re Looking For” gains even more thanks to the superb production that frames the song in the best possible way.

The high quality of the production is reflected in a number of ways, but chief among them is how the song’s various elements are brought into seamless accord with one another. There’s an all-encompassing warmth surrounding the song as a whole, but the aforementioned balance and the synth textures radiate an inviting sound that draws listeners in from the first. Her voice is, likewise, invested with real theatricality and a focus on clarity that makes every word of the song stick with listeners rather than feeling like it’s something worth glossing over./ Far from it. Taylor does an excellent job of conveying the strain on a heart when you’re involved with a relationship that, ultimately, appears to be going nowhere despite the commitment you’ve expended trying to make it last. It’s never overstated or overwrought. Instead, she examines the subject with a straight forward and well worded elegance that separates her from the typical fare of this ilk.

Her vocals are often otherworldly. Taylor is one of those wise singers who never attempts to dominate the arrangement and compel the instruments to follow her; instead, she focuses her attention on singing alongside the instrument, utilizing her voice as a vocal instrument without ever ceding ground, as well, to the playing. It makes for a satisfying and unified listening experience. She ups her game considerably when the chorus comes and we hear the full measure of her emotional involvement in this piece – it’s something flesh and blood rather than a by the numbers take on a traditional subject for popular music. Everything about “What You’re Looking For” comes off as heartfelt rather than premeditated and this is one of the chief qualities that’s abided with Taylor’s music here and on her first single “Broken Dreams”. She’s a brave songwriter who knows how to make her personal experiences resonate with listeners while still entertaining us with her musical skills. It makes for a winning combination.


Shannon Cowden