Trevor Drury – Snowy Nights


Arizona born and California bred singer/songwriter Trevor Drury’s new single “Snowy Nights” capitalizes on the success of his recent singles “I Know You from the 70’s” and “Trip to the Water” while striking an artful seasonal note for listeners. It continues a musical journey beginning at eight years old with his first introduction to piano, studying vocal performance in higher education, and discovering more and more how songwriting could serve as a means of self expression. The songs constituting his musical output so far reveal him to be a versatile talent capable of exposing himself melodically, musically, and lyrical. His songs possess an identity lacking in many of his contemporaries and it comes through in a song like “Snowy Nights” with an utter lack of self indulgence and effortless confidence. His work has a maturity and intelligence reaching far beyond his comparatively few years and the near boundless appeal of this single signal that even brighter days are to come.

The single turns on a few key musical elements. The primary melodic vehicle is Drury’s piano playing, condensed into relatively brief and elegant phrases, and it’s further fleshed out by orchestral minded guitar and some evocatively recorded percussion. The sense of a constructed song is very real but, unlike similar attempts from other artists, the obvious structure never renders the song bloodless or overly premeditated. Much like we’ve heard from Drury on earlier singles, he’s a supreme stylist with a thorough mastery of fundamentals who never allows technique to overcome his passion.


The lyrical content has an uniquely conversational style and manages to strike a highly intelligent, yet accessible, tone. Drury brings the same focus to his lyric writing that he applies to the musical arrangements and each line seems specifically tailored to its corresponding musical passage. His aforementioned penchant for avoiding any hint of self indulgence extends, as well, to the track’s running time and it helps “Snowy Nights” come off as a fully realized musical statement without a single hole or moment of disconnect marring its flow. There’s even a slight dollop of lightly self deprecating humor present in the words that never occupies such a presence that it upsets the song’s balance. Instead, Trevor Drury’s “Snowy Nights” reaches the same heights explored by his last two singles and goes even deeper with an impressively steady compositional sense brought to further life by his idiosyncratic and consistently emotive singing. Few performers are as well rounded as Drury a decade plus into their recording careers and it distinguishes this young man as a truly exceptional icon in the making. Trevor Drury is more than just a pop star; he’s clearly an artist in ascendant.

Photo Credit: Ray Kachatorian

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