“Love Me (Country Swing)” by Sule

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“Love Me (Country Swing)” by artist Sule, is a new single but not the only way to the artist himself, and that can be explained but only in brief, to get his music to the world. The rest is up to the consumer to follow and follow him you just might very well do after hearing the single. It serves to be as good as any place to start, but what you find reaches way beyond the boundaries of this cut. It’s a fine way to delve into him by previewing his music this way. That’s all there is to do, and it goes to show how powerful single are, as they’ve been making a come back in a big way.

Sule’s been around, so his new single isn’t all he’s up to or about, but it’s a launching pad for his work to get more well known. This isn’t a rock start type of artist, he’s a superior musician, so there’s no leaping to stardom. He’s already been playing to audiences for years having completed many tours of duty as a musical mercenary for acts such as Lionel Richie, Sky and Corneille, opened for legends like Celine Dion, Kool and the Gang, Sean Paul and Akon. And this is the only way to build a career these days, is to make it all about what you’re doing now, versus what’s already been done. It’s a new era, so he is doing it right.

Todays musical landscape is only so full of old school mechanisms, and so many of them don’t work whatsoever now, but some of them do. You just have-to know what’s what about that. The old styles of music can always survive though, and it’s the music that matters more than anything, because the industry can often get in the way of art and make is come out lower end than it’s meant to be. Those are some thoughts that Sule gets across after absorbing more of him that “Love Me (Country Song)” but if I didn’t do that, it wouldn’t be as interesting to review based only on one track.

It’s not off putting to go from point a to z once you hear a good thing, it’s actually-refreshing sometimes, and Sule is one worth making that happen with. You won’t be disappointed by the single or any of his other music and covers, as well as his albums – The Fall, and Alive. But “Love Me (Country Song)” is almost like turning over a new leaf but you get a lot of what he’s used to singing and playing. It brings his sound full circle and updates his activity as a contemporary artist. He stands out on his own where others seem to copy their heroes more.

His covers are great too but make no mistake this is an original artist in every sense of the term. There’s just not a lot of information going around out there to prove it, as mentioned his bio is brief but he’s growing it from this single. It should help add something new to Sule’s repertoire om stage, which is always another story than making and releasing records. They always help add to a show, but only if they come out fit for it. Sule writes songs that are suited for the stage as well as the studio though, and you can’t lose when that’s the case. It comes recommended for both the artists exposure and the single itself.

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Randy Jones