Ronnue drops new single


When Ronnue became Frustrated with the current state of music, he came out from behind the scenes where he’d been producing and directing local artists in Seattle and Atlanta, he decided to produce his own debut album “Introduction To Retro-Funk.” His style at everything he does is influenced from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s sound combined with the beats of today. His new single “17 Days (The Hood Mix)” feat. Figuz and Roc Phizzle, is a take of the Prince song “17 Days” with his special sauce added over it. This includes a combination of some rapping and singing, as the song leaves plenty of room for both to apply.

Retro-funk is what it’s all about, and this Prince number has the basis for what Ronnue does over it with Figuz and Roc Phizzle. If not for the music and chorus it wouldn’t be recognizable as Prince, and if you don’t know the original it’s like a whole new song. That’s just some of the vibes cutting through this single.  It’s like a cover but with added originality of his own on top of it. The lyrics relate raps using the title before it and chiming words in from there, all in sync with the melody and structure of the song itself. The track flows with no fuss at all, as it carries smoothly until the fade.

The main thing that stands out is the production values and how good the track sounds. It goes to show what he is working with in that department, and it makes the track shine most of all. It’s different from the video on the web, which contains some different stuff but is still titled (The Hood Mix). Both are great but this update pops harder and has some different lyrics too. And that is a good thing because two versions are better than one, and with this being a Prince song that makes three. The more jamming the merrier where Ronnue comes from. He’s got his own thing and doesn’t follow any fads.

Rapping is rhyming, first and foremost, so it doesn’t matter what the words are, it matters that they fit within the rhythm section’s semblance to match notes with the music. The chorus is repeated with class, and that’s where the singing comes in, with the background singers cutting through and complementing his voice. It’s also where the song is most reminiscent of Prince because those are his words in the chorus and main body. The first half of the track is more romantic oriented and slow rapped, and the second half comes on much stronger before it’s all over and hitting loop is the first thing that comes to mind.

This is both a cover and a rework of sorts, as it keeps to the main words but adds more to it and the music is completely different at times with an outstanding mix, but all these are to be expected by now if you’ve heard Ronnue already. He’s not a mainstream artist and the conventional ways of the industry aren’t in his methods, and that gives him a current edge to let the work do the talking. “17 Days (The Hood Mix)” should serve well in garnering attention for the album “Introduction to Retro-Funk” and that is a double score.


Mike Tabor