Severine – Down the Rivers



The new single from New Jersey born singer/songwriter Severine is a three minute plus electronic music influenced tune entitled “Down the Rivers” that breezes past listeners seemingly faster than that. This single is a wholly comfortable listening experience that doesn’t try listeners’ patience or wearies them with corny, hackneyed pop posturing. “Down the Rivers” is, instead, an even clearer look into the chambers of her heart and reflects life experiences that have obviously taught her much. It’s a track from her first solo EP, her initial effort to make it in the music world solely on the basis of her own merits without having any “straight” career to fall back on if it fails, and it’s apparent the gamble has a good chance of paying off handsomely for her. “Down the Rivers” is a clear expression of her internal weather and the personality emerging from the lyric and vocal alike it a perfect complement for the musical accompaniment and vice versa. Producer Anthony “Rocky” Gallo’s contributions to the track are immeasurable and he works so well with Severine on “Down the Rivers” that it’s scarcely a stretch to imagine the tandem continuing to work on future recordings.


The musical arrangement is largely driven by an evocative synth and keyboard swirl that provides her a platform flush with color and melody alike. There is a smattering of lower register rhythm section work anchoring the tune, but it’s never heavy handed and maintains a fleet footed pulse throughout the entirety of the track. Running at three minutes twenty two seconds in all, Severine manages to develop her musical ideas in a broad-based way and it doesn’t feel like it is rushed in any respect. Every musical idea introduced to listeners is fully resolved by the song’s conclusion and there’s a tight sense of structure shaping everything that goes on with the song. It begins and ends in a similar manner and the sense of unity created by that, among other elements, makes this a monumentally impressive performance.

Her vocal, however, is the song’s crowning jewel. It’s truly invigorating to hear Severine navigate her way through this performance with a confidence level that we expect from much more seasoned performers, yet she fills the performance with the same energy we would definitely expect from a young artist intent on establishing a reputation and proving themselves to a mass audience. Severine does more than further prove herself with this performance of “Down the Rivers”. Instead, she goes even further in establishing herself as a titanic force in the making, a true pop star because she doesn’t just seek to entertain, but instead offers listeners a voyage into her thoughts and feelings with an artistry few of her contemporaries can readily match. “Down the Rivers” is an uniquely rewarding listening experience and packs considerable emotional wallop.


Laura Dodero