Tough on Fridays – Yachats


“Yachats”, one of the recent singles from Texan three piece alternative rockers Tough on Fridays, is ample illustration of the chemistry that brought these three young women together in 2017. The track runs a little over four minutes long and spends the first two minutes boiling at a low simmer before they unroll the song in full with a torrid punk punch. There’s some welcome sensitivity in the vocals contrasting well with its guitar-bass-drums centered arrangement and the mixing job by Beau Burchell gives the performance a high gloss attack never lacking for gravitas and grit. Tough on Fridays is a wicked good musical group and capture their distinctive characters quite clearly in recognizable forms. Their music may be influenced by outfits as diverse as Nirvana and Blink-182, but they’ve already latched onto something uniquely their own and their potential looks limitless.

“Yachats” begins with just a basic guitar track providing rhythmic counterpoint to Katie Cummins’ siry, but spirited, vocals. The guitar and emerging drums from Gina Osmar set an early tone and a brisk pace for the performance, but it isn’t until nearly the two minute mark before the band erupts into a all out musical attack. The slashing guitars and raucous, yet spot on, drumming from Osmar carry plenty of spike for casual and devoted fans of alternative and punk rock to appreciate and there’s no self indulgent instrumental forays neutering the song’s visceral impact. Tough on Fridays utilizes dynamics extraordinarily well, but never with any unnecessary fanfare – it’s clear they understand how to best manipulate a rock arrangement to be as effective as possible and use what they know to make “Yachats” roar with even more conviction. They may be young, they may not have the experience playing together that other outfits can boast, but none of these apparent obstacles exist for Tough on Fridays.

The lyrics, thankfully, never mine any of the existential despair heard in darker alt rock bands like Alice in Chains, et al, but their decision to pursue more typical ends as songwriters doesn’t mean that they fail to bring their own personal language to the songwriting aspect of their presentation. “Yachats”, arguably, could have been written and performed by no one else except Tough on Fridays and these are among the most enviable laurel leaves you can lay at the feet of a new, young band. The words receive a vocal treatment rife with every bit as much of the same consideration and beyond their years maturity while still harnessing an unbridled rock and roll spirit for crucial passages in the band’s performance. Tough on Fridays is a power trio with the power to go anywhere they wish and songs like this will fuel them to venture far. “Yachats” isn’t anything like your standard alternative rock fare; it has the stamp of the personal and the spark of the special.


Jason Hillenburg