Brian Hutson – Anything Can Happen


Brian Hutson’s new single release “Anything Can Happen” follows hot on the heels of his debut EP Midnight Sessions and proves Hutson isn’t going to lay fallow following the success of his first EP release. Hutson sounds marvelously inspired with this song – since he first emerged in 2015, he consistently comes across as a performer and recording artist monumentally energized by the opportunity to pursue his ambitions in the big arena. If his previous releases didn’t make clear to some that he’s ready for that moment, “Anything Can Happen” surely will. The native New Yorker exhibits a breadth of talent and control far beyond where you’d expect his development to be at this point and sounds increasingly confident in the sometimes cold and sterile environment of modern recording studios. This is flesh and blood music, music with a genuine heart beat, and impossible not to admire.

“Anything Can Happen” begins its life as a relatively lean, stripped down number adorned only by Hutson’s voice and some beautifully played acoustic guitar. There’s an accumulation of sound and melody, however, which soon layers itself in the songwriting and eventually climaxes with a lovely and quite memorable chorus. Every element is here. Hutson’s voice ties everything together, but there’s some truly creative and subtle transitions coming at listeners as this song fleshes itself out and, if some of it feels predictable, it’s pleasingly so and especially satisfying when you hear how artfully Hutson and his fellow musicians arrive at those points. The length of the song, just under three minutes, is ideally suited for his purposes and focuses the musical efforts in such a way that it makes for an even better performance. “Anything Can Happen” was undoubtedly a recording that Hutson and his collaborators worked mightily to get right, but one of its most glorious attributes is how effortless it sounds. Despite the presence of obvious overdubs, there’s an intimate and live quality about this performance that touches the listener’s emotions.


His voice is a remarkably subtle thing because you never can quite pin it down. It’s obviously capable of tremendous nuance as it comes across vividly in the song’s opening and closing, but he also introduces different colors along the way and whips up considerable brio for the song’s high points as they come. He has the same dynamic talents as the musical arrangement and makes every effort to accentuate the mood. There’s a large amount of style here, but it never comes at the sake of substance. Instead, we hear the sound of a young artist peaking once again and his artistry comes across with the sort of singular grace and skill that we often associate with veteran artists rather than relative newcomers to the music world. Brian Hutson’s “Anything Can Happen” is one of the best pop singles I’ve heard this young year and there’s no question that it will remain among the best by the song’s conclusion.


Photo Credit Angela Talley

Laura Dodero