NIK:11 – 6 A.M 


An unique confluence of the cutting edge pop power of Lady Gaga with a strong Crystal Method influence, the radio edit of NK:11’s single “6 A.M.” announces the arrival of a major new talent on the modern pop scene. Rather than merely aping the characteristics of those aforementioned performers, NIK:11 has taken disparate elements from those artists and, crucially, filtered it through her own unique imagination and passions into something new. The raw, unbridled sound brought to bear here is a combination of pop elements with a definite edginess crackling from the first notes on. It’s fierce, youthful, and inventive. Given a further flourish thanks to the sharp edit of the song that presents it lean and bristling with attitude. 

The relentless pulse at the heart of the song makes it instantly physical with the listener and danceable, but the ample flourishes of synths and other electronic effects gives the song an added density that reaches near claustrophobic levels. The transitions between the song’s respective passages are artfully handled and, particularly deeper in the song, NIK:11 provides plenty of brief surprises that further spice the song up. The near Caribbean percussion near the song’s end adds some unexpected flavor without ever sounding out of place. It also helps accentuate the anything goes flair underlying every area of the tune. The song is particularly well constructed and remains one of the premier reasons why this young performer is and will continue to draw floods of attention from every quarter. It never runs on too long and the punch derived from the aforementioned radio edit makes it even more memorable. “Six A.M.” is a gripping musical experience. 

It’s also one that she backs up both lyrically and vocally. The mood of the words neatly matches up with the musical tone thanks to her balls to the wall attitude and the artful way she puts her thoughts in familiar language. Much like the musical content, there’s no wasted motion in her writing and the words have an outstanding percussive quality that makes this an even more listening experience in general. Her vocal talents put an exclamation point on the songwriting as a whole. She definitely has an appealing, even sweet, pop touch with the singing, but there’s a surprising bite that makes her lyrical content resonate even more with listeners and within the context of the song. She really bites down into the song at crucial points that amps up the drama and makes it an even wilder experience. NIK:11 is building a career with plenty of gloss, but she also demonstrates the natural quality of an artist working at a high level straight out of the gate. It’s marvelous to consider what this powerful performer, just starting out, will prove capable of with future releases. She’s clearly on her way in a manner that’s quite unforgettable. 


Sebastian Cole