Africa has been known to produce some of the best reggae artistes in recent times after the Caribbean Islands where the genre originated from. S. Sponji Living is not a newbie to the music scene and has spent the last twelve years making music. His first single was a song with Hotzic France which was titled The One. By the time he moved to the US from France, he joined a new label company and from there released his first album titled “La Cite D’Or” or the Golden City. He released a number of albums and songs, as well as several collaborations with other artistes from Hip Hop, Soca and Reggae genres. 

After a brief hiatus, S. Sponji Living is back again with a critically acclaimed single titled I Love You. This promo track is done in his signature Dancehall Reggae fusion and gives listeners a reminder of his musical prowess and what has been missing from the music scene lately. “I Love You” is a lively up-tempo song that flows with a well-crafted beat. The song production is also on point as would be expected from his record label Sony DADC.  

The first track of his new album “His Imperial Majesty” is a solid return effort from the music veteran and covers a wide range of topics from love to social commentary to politics. As with most Reggae and Dancehall artists, S. Sponji Living who is a native of Cote D’Ivoire sings about love in this song, about a girl that he would do anything to be with. He sings about his feelings for his love interest, the truth behind the feelings and how happy she makes him.  

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His unique style is a fusion of African Jazz, reggae and the vocals are accompanied by a wide range of instruments such as the acoustic guitar, drums and cymbals. The lyrics are also a mixture of Creole English, French and some Spanish. You can tell from the vocals that S. Sponji Living truly finds his element and is back like he never left. You cannot fault the production of the song from a technical standpoint and he also does not disappoint with the lyrics. All the elements come together to deliver a worthy promo track for the new album. The production quality and mastering are also top quality as is expected from such a high-profile label affiliated to Sony Music. 

“I Love You” is a nice track that sounds like the regular Reggae song but delivered with good quality that gives a strong indication for what the rest of the album will have in store for listeners. S. Sponji Living shows his experience in the way he’s promoting the new album and this song is a nice promo track that is highly commendable. It would fit right in at a carnival rave, street party of just a quiet evening with friends. 

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 Ava McNeil approved by Sebastian Cole