Elvira Kalnik – Summer Time

BANDCAMP: https://elvirakalnik.bandcamp.com/track/summer-time

She’s a stunning model, a producer of her own material at an age before she can even legally drive, and a songwriter with impressive inherent talents needing no mentor. Nevertheless, it’s clear Elvira Kalnik has discovered sympathetic musical spirits responsible for making “Summer Time” from her new album Magical Child one of the better all-around commercial singles you’ll hear anytime soon. Singles are intended for putting an album’s “best foot forward”, so to speak, for the listening public with a song ideally defining or embodying the release in some way. Considered simply as a standalone track, “Summer Time” is a winner, but framing it in its role as a single, one can only wonder what kind of great album Magical Child must be. This is pop music going beyond pandering to the formulas or tropes. Instead, Kalnik wants to bring a little more art, melody, and finesse to this form and succeeds doing so while still producing a song with a lot of mainstream appeal.

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Much of that, I think, is attributable to her singing. Kalnik is so immensely likable from the first that you want to follow that voice wherever it decides to take you and that sort of immediate confidence in a singer comes with only the very best. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a pop voice with such a commanding, yet warm, presence whose capable of taking time tested subject matter and ideas, upending the language some and giving in an individual flavor. She makes you feel like you’re hearing something again for the first time. That’s an increasingly rare thing in our jaded world.

The bass line is particularly inventive and, along with the song’s percussion, establishes a steady groove that listeners will enjoy from the beginning. There’s never anything forced about it and the melodic strands present in the songwriting make it all that much sweeter for listeners. There are some light electronic flourishes scattered throughout the song intended to communicate just an extra little blast of energy and it’s flashy fun she can get away with because the song is so inherently good. The fleet-fingered sprinkling of guitar and synthesizer lines against the programmed percussion moves fluidly and will keep anyone engaged from the first.

This is a single with the right amount of energy; nothing too over the top, but percolating with a steadiness and carried even higher by a simple, catchy melody. Nothing about this track smacks of self indulgence or indicates Kalnik or any collaborator over-thought this recording; instead, they never doubted how all the pieces fit and it produces an entertaining, satisfyingly propulsive EDM number with real musical substance – and a ligjts out vocal on top of it all. “Summer Time” is likely to catapult Kalnik to a greater degree of public attention than she’s experienced so far and every bit of it is deserved. Her new single from Magical Child promises great things to come in her future and delivers in the now.

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Sebastian Cole