Fate Under Fire – La La Love

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Fate Under Fire’s two EP releases and plethora of singles are keys to establishing their reputation as one of the more talented pop bands to emerge in the last twenty years or more. Headed by singer/songwriter David James, the Sacramento four piece has placed their music with a lot of films and television programming and no less than NBC itself tapped James to compose a new theme for the Today Show’s weekend edition. Their previous two singles, “On the Water” and “Parachute”, are among the band’s most successful releases thus far and stand as illustrative of their growing talents. The former scored big with MTV, winning their Freshman Five competition, and these previous successes set a memorable stage for their new single release “La La Love”. It’s the next natural step for the band and positions them to take another substantial leap up the ladder towards being among the pre-eminent acts recording and touring today.

There’s tremendous exuberance and a sense of daring coming across with this song from the first. It’s easy to wonder if this song is a near live cut or intensively labored over before being recorded because it has that sort of inspired, off the cuff energy we’d associate with all four musicians on the floor. Regardless, there appears to be a minimum of overdubs and it’s safe to assume this track does a tremendous job of capturing the band’s onstage energy without ever approximating it entirely. Much of the song relies on a combination of electronic instruments set against a punchy bass-drum attack, but guitar is present as well to help add more color to the overall whole. It’s clear that Fate Under Fire maintained, from the first, a firm grasp on how they wanted this song to sound and their vision for the track emerges complete and polished to a high shine.

James’ singing is equally polished, but never so much so that it sounds drained of life or over-rehearsed. Instead, his voice is full of emotion and considerable brio into key passages that elevates it further than its already fine status. There is a touch of backing vocals buttressing his efforts, but they are merely sweetener; Instead, it is James shouldering the load for this song from the first and he does an exemplary job coming in just after the opening and filling the track with a tender, yet assertive, presence that brings whole new dimensions to this track. His voice complements the arrangement with breathtaking ease and the entirety of the song sounds like it emerged at once, fully conceived, rather than something James and the band alike were forced to labor over in an effort to make it come together. Fate Under Fire has scored another bullseye with the song “La La Love” and it should go a long way towards solidifying their reputation as one of the best pop units working on the scene today.

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Sebastian Cole