The Calazzus Project release EP


Whether it’s movies, music, literature or cuisine or really anything born of creativity, the ever changing tastes in pop culture have made up the patchwork of the American songbook. Just look at the evolution of rock music; emerging from the depths of Mississippi delta blues and becoming electrified in the 1950s, sonically manipulated in the 1960s, overdriven in the 1970s, overindulging in the 1980s, stripped down in the 1990s and digitalized in the 21st century. In the wider spectrum of time, music evolves as fast as the churning of violent mountain whitewater. As we embark on the dawn of a new decade and with it a new generation of listeners, new styles and chart-dominating genres are being crafted now to influence and entire era in pop. Drawing from eclectic influences and an aggressive style of recording, Maryland’s Calazzus seeks to be at the forefront of this newest artistic revolution, and his declaration of war on mediocrity, The Calazzus Project II EP is out now and gathering more momentum than expected from critics and audiences alike.

Calazzus (pronounced the same as “colossus” for those unfamiliar with the songwriter) is no stranger to the music scene. A fixture in the east coast R&B community, his solo project combines his artfully arranged electronic tracks with epic vocals from some true gems of the pop underground. After listening to the song “Movies” in particular, which features the sensational sounds of Thir13teen, I found myself scrambling through the internet to find more from both artists. Opening with a mischievous bassline and heavenly, praise-like singing from Thir13teen, the tempo sways like a tree in a fierce windstorm, and by the chorus, stylish synthesizer strobes are lighting up the night sky around us. The articulate verses are delivered with the most confident swagger, to the point where we can almost feel the heat of the spotlight coming through our headphones. Just dynamite.

A lot of artists in the electronica/house/trip hop world are reticent about assembling a stage show to accompany their music. The daunting task of bringing the magic of the soundboard to a live audience often proves too much for burgeoning acts, but I really hope that isn’t the case with Calazzus. Personally, although it stands alone as an easy listen in any context, I do think every one of the six tracks on The Calazzus Project II would sound even better pumped through giant speakers at the club. There’s an energetic, relentless vibe that I get from the deliberate formatting of this EP, which despite its short running time, has more color and multiplicity to it than most full-length albums released by similar artists. Tastefully presented and remarkably poised for its raw, organic structure, Calazzus leaves us begging for more at the conclusion of his latest studio effort, and I cannot wait to see what happens next for this exciting artist and entertainer.

If you’d like to find out more about Calazzus, The Calazzus Project II extended play, upcoming live shows and future collaborations and recordings, check out Calazzus’ official website.

Sebastian Cole