Mike Ra Dogs single

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Out of the darkness and into the light, Mike Ra is ripping through the surface of pop music to lay some incredible grooves on us in his latest sizzling set of rhymes “Dogs,” out now through his exclusive burgeoning logo DXB Studios. Featuring a cryptic, mystical synthesized haze that envelops its stylishly sleek beats, “Dogs” plays with R&B’s lush melodies but firmly asserts itself as an old fashioned hardcore jam in what could be easily be seen as an early contender for single of the year. While it lacks a certain amount of awareness that makes a track larger than life, what this song doesn’t have in stage presence it makes up for in sheer craftwork, and it shouldn’t have to prove itself to the critics to leave a reasonably wide-ranging impression on hip-hop fans from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

When western culture decided that it was going to make hip-hop the premier soundtrack to our lifestyle, we essentially made a deal with the sonic gods that we were willing to deal with plenty of tumultuous attempts at funky rhymes just to get to that golden verse, that spoken word style urban beat poetry that would affect us enough to be a stronger people, intellectually and artistically. In simpler terms: we signed up to hear a lot of garbage if it meant that we could have at least a couple of life-changing moments arise out of this genre, the same way we have with rock, techno, jazz and even classical music. There isn’t much room for failure when it comes to the market that we’ve got right now, and “Dogs” relies less on making a statement with its sprawling beats and more on connecting with audiences on a more communal level. In these lyrics, Mike Ra is in essence celebrating the virtues of friendship and cohesiveness amongst people which has sadly become a fleeting model today. Why are we losing respect for each other as a people, a society built on the foundation of common decency? Is it the selfishness that 2018’s technology has afforded us that makes us so callous to each other’s needs? Is it maybe that we’re so caught up in our own peril that we’re not able to weigh out the pains of others? “Dogs” poses a lot of interesting questions to us in a very soft-spoken, poetic manner for how fierce a rap track it is, and maybe that’s why I found myself spinning this song over and over after first being exposed to it via my colleagues in the journalism community.

If we are to expect anything new to come out of the experimentalism that is taking place in music today, it’s that unity is going to be the chief theme moving into the future. “Dogs” is indeed a fun jam to burn up the club with, but the message behind it is in sync with this same theme. We’ve got to respect each other more, and if it take art to bring us back to where we all started as one entity, then that’s what we’re going to apply the most focus towards as a culture.

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Sebastian Cole