Moe Green’s Eye


With a sound that is equally steeped in vintage punk rock and 1980’s new wave as much as it is the lumbering guitars of Black Sabbath, Moe Green’s Eye are making some enthralling heavy music for a new generation of rockers in their new single “Wasted,” a follow up to their Fast Radio Bursts Live EP. Despite being a relatively new group on the circuit, the New York City outfit haven’t wasted any time making a noticeable impact on critics and audiences alike with their blistering brand of alternative rock, and this latest track is only adding to their already unstoppable momentum this year.

Rock has two sides to it when you break down popular music of the last half century; the rough, abrasively raw and the overwhelmingly indulgent. Both are non-insular interpretations of the genre if you’re analyzing the music from an eclectic perspective, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Moe Green’ Eye has a lot of fun existing in the space between the two. While their supremely overdriven amplifier destruction owes a lot to classic rock bands of yesteryear, there is an unmistakably stripped down, punk rock ethos lying just beneath the surface of a song like “Wasted” that makes the track both intriguing and complex.

While I wasn’t very familiar with Moe Green’s Eye prior to listening to this newest offering, I can definitely tell that while these guys know how to go to work in the studio like professionals, it’s the road where they most likely come into their own full, unrestricted sound. Much in the way that almost everything tastes better when prepared over an open flame on a barbeque, rock music, at its finest, emits a reckless adrenaline rush that is impossible to contain within the confines of two headphones. A song like “Wasted” gives us a great idea about just how much sonic depth and energy that Moe Green’s Eye are capable of producing, but I truly feel that ultimately it was designed to lure us to one of their live performances. This is a working class, blue collar road band if I ever heard one, and it’s pretty awesome to find musicians with those kind of chops still around in 2018.

As long as they keep their collective nose to the grindstone, I think it’s safe to say that the future looks very bright for Moe Green’s Eye, especially when considering the stark lack of any real, thundering rock music released in the last couple of years. For whatever reason, countless artists, even ones we had come to expect far more from, have been giving in to the pressure and taking the easy route when it comes to crafting full-length LPs, and as a result, they’ve had to sacrifice the quality of their recordings and overall output. It’s good to hear a band that isn’t following such a pathetic and unfortunate trend, and much like their hometown of Boston, these fine musicians seem prepared to dig in their heels and go to war just to defend true, gritty rock n’ roll until the bitter end.

Sebastian Cole